Lifestyle: 7 Eco-Friendly Ways To Decorate Your Home For Christmas

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We want our house to look festive during the holiday season but Christmas decorations can be harmful to the environment. If you’re environmental-conscious (which we all should be) you may need to reconsider your décor options this Christmas. From gift wrappings to plastic wall hangings, you can replace or re-use them to ensure that you have an eco-friendly Christmas. Here are some tips to get in the festive spirit without burdening the environment.

  1. Use Newspaper As Gift Wrapping

Gift wrappings are some of the worst pollutants during the Christmas period since they’re non-degradable and are used once. To avoid this kind of waste, you can use newspaper to wrap gifts instead. Newspapers are easily decomposable and readily available. They’re also inexpensive so you’ll end up saving some money while keeping your home eco-friendly during the holiday season. Not to mention, they give your home a vintage aesthetic. You can also use old magazines. If you have old wrappers you can still reuse them instead of buying more.

  1. Switch To Energy Saving Lights

It’s all about the light show during Christmas. Houses are normally donned in sparkling lights to create a festive ambience. However, bulbs can be huge energy consumers especially when you intend on leaving them on all night. This not only runs up a huge electricity bill but also contributes to global warming. Therefore, when shopping for fairy lights and multi-coloured bulbs, ensure they’re energy savers that consume about 80% less power than traditional Christmas lights.

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  1. Use Twigs And Greenery To Decorate

Use can source for decorations from your own garden or neighbourhood. Twigs tend to make your house look warm and cosy thus bringing a festive ambience. Additionally, leaves make great eco-friendly hanging decoration compared to plastic, store-bought ones. You can look for festive plants like eucalyptus and cotton stalks. Unlike traditional Christmas décor, these organic decorations can be used all year longs since they aren’t too Christmassy.

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  1. Go Thrift Shopping

From mason jars to unique lights, it’s easy to get Christmas decorations at the second-hand market and keep your home eco-friendly. You can also get material to DIY your own décor. It’s all about creativity and making use of the things that you have when decorating in an eco-friendly way. Therefore, even a simple blanket from the flea market can make a great Christmas décor and give you stunning results. Check Out These 5 Environmentally Friendly Home Decor Ideas

  1. Use Dried Fruit As Décor

This is a great and easy DI project to do over the holiday season. Look for festive fruits such as oranges that can dry up easily, slice them, and put them over heat to dry. Your house will smell amazing in the process and you’ll have beautiful, organic décor at the end of it. You can use them as Christmas tree ornaments or place them around the table and countertop.

  1. Buy A Potted Christmas Tree

Normally, people buy unpotted Christmas trees which end up drying up and dying after a few weeks. A potted Christmas can last for years thus avoiding buying a new tree each year which is bad for the environment. If you have a backyard or garden, you can plant the Christmas tree and decorate it each holiday season.

  1. Use A Seasonal Scented Candle

One of the easiest ways to create a festive ambience in the home is by using scents. Scented candles not only fill the room with an inviting aroma but also offer an eco-friendly decoration option since they’re long-lasting. Additionally, this simple décor trick saves you the stress of decorating your entire house and can help you relax in the midst of the hassle of creating a perfect Christmas. Check out 7 Benefits Of Burning Scented Candles In Your Home

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