Product Review: Garnier SkinActive Hydra Bomb Soothing Face Mask

Garnier Hydra Bomb Soothing Face Mask

Face masks are essential not only as part of your skincare but also in your self-care routine. There’s just something soothing about placing a cool sheet on your face and unwinding as you sip a glass of wine or tea. It’s also a cheat sheet (no pun intended) for healthy-looking skin. Skincare routines can be long and at times, tiresome. On the other hand, a face mask offers the same result for half the effort and time.

Garnier’s hydra bomb tissue masks have been all the rave in the beauty world for a while. The line offers a selection of four face masks with ingredients to improve your skin. My choice was the super-hydrating, soothing mask with Chamomile extracts, hyaluronic acid, and hydrating serum. Once again, I value products that leave my skin super hydrated. The other masks cater to a variety of needs including rebalancing and replenishing the skin. Therefore, you can choose whichever you need based on your skin’s requirements.

The Product

The biggest selling point of the Garnier hydra bomb face mask is that it promises a week of hydration with only one sheet. What it simply means is that your skin will retain its glow for an entire week without needing an extra boost. It sounds too good to be true. However, I was optimistic about it since the mask wasn’t cheap. If it could deliver this promise, then I’d get value for my money.

Garnier Hydra Bomb Soothing Face Mask

I will say this, if all else fails, your skin will absolutely love the moisture. This mask is soaked in nourishing serum that gives your skin a hydration boost. It takes a few minutes to dry up when you remove the mask. However, as soon as it dries, it tightens the pores giving you a smooth, flawless glow. They also suggest that you wipe off any excess product with a soft cloth but if you can, let it dry on its own.

The face mask works for sensitive skin as it’s made from 100% natural cellulose fibre tissue as stated on the package.

It’s pretty easy to use. Once you get the face mask out of the package, place it on your face and adjust it to fit your contour. Let it stay for 15 minutes, remove it, and wipe the excess product.

Using the product.

The Package

It comes in a pretty, good quality package that ensures there are no leakages. Each face mask has its unique colour that distinguishes them from the other. The soothing mask is pink which also makes the package look appealing. Apart from the brand name and type of face mask, it contains detailed usage instructions with pictures to demonstrate.

Inside, you’ll find a protective blue sheet, which you can dispose of as soon as you open it, and the face mask. The mask itself sits well on the face as it’s not too small or too big. Each product contains one sheet which is a bit uneconomical.

Face mask with the blue sheet.

The Cost

There are cheaper masks in the market but for what these Garnier face masks are offering, I think they’re worth every shilling. I loved how my skin felt after using the product and there was a visible difference even after several days. You can get the Garnier Hydra Bomb Face Mask on Jumia for Ksh 280 each.

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