6 Ways To Give Back During The Holiday Season

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It’s been a rough year for most of us and it seemed like it couldn’t come to an end fast enough. But here we are, ushering in the holiday season and saying goodbye to the year that was. Unlike other holiday seasons, many people won’t be travelling this time around and it looks like it will be a quiet season due to pandemic-enforced constraints. However, you can still get in the Christmas spirit by giving back to the community. Since many people have been hit hard this year, including care homes and hospitals, they could use all the help they can get. From volunteering your time to donating clothes and food, here are some ways you can give back during the holiday season.

  1. Host A Cookout For The Neighbourhood

It might be expensive for everyone to host their own Christmas party. Therefore, you can organize a community party so that everybody gets a feel of the festivities. Since it’s too costly to host the entire event by yourself, you can take charge of mobilizing people to chip in and play a part in hosting the event. It will be more cost-effective and people will appreciate having a sense of community over the holiday season.

  1. Shop For Someone You Know Whose Going Through A Tough Time

This simple gesture can really make someone’s day and lift their spirits. Whether they’re in need or not, most people could use a little financial assistance, especially over the holiday season. This would be a good time to do some shopping for somebody you know and love who has been having a tough time, especially with layoffs and illnesses due to the pandemic. You can also send the money to them if it makes more sense than doing the shopping yourself.

  1. Offer Your Professional Services

Whether it’s taking a young graduate under your wing or using your talents to help others, this is a great way to give back to your community. For anyone who might need your professional insights, try not to charge them over the holidays. Additionally, you can help hopeful employees write their CVs if you’re conversant with the job market.

man holding gift boxes. Image from https://lerablog.org/general/think-about-the-real-value-of-giving-gifts/
  1. Show Gratitude To Medical Practitioners

Whether it’s someone you know personally or the doctors and nurses around your area who kept the calm during the COVID-19 breakout, they all deserve some extra love. You can give back by writing a gratitude letter, or gifting a medical practitioner who has been working tirelessly over the pandemic period. Make sure you let them know that they’re appreciated for the work they’ve done this year.

  1. Gift Your Old Toys & Books To The Neighbourhood Kids

The last thing on many parents’ minds this Christmas is buying gifts for their children. However, the children don’t have to have a dull Christmas when you can donate some of your children’s toys and books. If you don’t have somebody to donate to, gather all the usable toys and drop one at any home that might be in need of some festive cheer. You can donate old novels and storybooks as well to keep them busy over the holidays. This will also help you clean up the house and prepare for the new year.

  1. Be Kind

We’re all going through the same challenges over the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, the least you can do for your community is to give back the gift of kindness. Try to bring positivity to the people around you and if possible to your neighbourhood as well. You could do so by giving random compliments to strangers, smile at people, and treat people nicely.

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