Technology: Thinking About Moving From WhatsApp? Here Are The Benefits Of Telegram (Instant Messaging App)

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Other messaging apps are finally getting their day in the sun thanks to the upcoming WhatsApp update that has people concerned about their data and privacy. Like the rest in the free messaging apps space, Telegram is free to download and use and is compatible with all the major platforms including Android, Windows, iOS along with the major desktop Operating Systems. This article will enumerate the benefits of Telegram with a view to being helpful to those considering an alternative messaging app.

Data security & privacy

In the present age where data is king, telegram offers high data security and a strong data protection policy. It offers end to end encryption for chats so that only those involved in the chat, the intended recipients can see the message. There is a guarantee of full confidentiality. These chats are also secret and not stored anywhere.

Users also have the option of making messages self-destructive so that upon their expiry, they are permanently destroyed. This is especially beneficial when the message is highly sensitive or even for people in countries with totalitarian governments. It is important to note though that group chats are not protected by end-to-end encryption.

On data security, telegram also will not share users’ data including IP and phone numbers and will only do so if there is a court order regarding the same. This commitment to individual data protection and security elevates it above many of the rest, most notably WhatsApp. You can also secure your messages with a passcode lock which has the added feature of preventing screenshots to further enhance security.

Telegram is so secure that no one has been able to hack it since its inception in 2013. There is in fact a $300,000 reward for anybody who is able to hack it. So far, no one has been able to do it. The owners of Telegram also commit to not selling it, which once again is relevant for those who want to keep their data out of the hands of corporations given that the WhatsApp issues began in earnest as a result of its sale to Facebook.

Telegram - Free, Fast & Secure
Telegram – Free, Fast & Secure
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Speed, Simplicity & Multiple Accounts

Telegram is intuitive and easy to use. It is simple yet powerful and extremely fast. Its high-speed message transmission places it among the top messaging apps in the world. This performance and reliability remain even when the mobile connection is weak.

Telegram also allows you to create multiple accounts on the same device which is beneficial for people who which to separate their business and private lives and effortlessly switch between the two to send and receive messages.

Unlimited Storage & Heavy Files Transfer

Telegram provides unlimited storage of files meaning all of a person’s messages including audio messages, pictures and videos can be stored on their cloud without having to worry about backing up and restoring. Users can archive their messages without any fear of losing them and the share to saved messages allows users to send messages to themselves for safe-keeping. This cloud storage of files just means all you have to do is log in and access all your automatically synchronized files from day 1 of using Telegram to date.

Users can send any type of file with the maximum file size capped at 1GB. This is heavier than the limit of other apps allowing people to share higher quality videos that are not forcibly compressed compromising quality.

Groups & Channels

Telegram groups have a capacity of 200 users but when that figure is exceeded, the group transforms into a SuperGroup with a capacity of 5000. Channels, however, have an unlimited capacity. Channels allow for communication with people who are not in a common group chat allowing them to freely access the information. Group chats and channels can be joined by just following a link.

Editing & In-App Browser

Typing can be a real error-typo-prone affair. Telegram allows you to edit already sent messages saving yourself the petty embarrassment that can be a product of typing mistakes. If you start typing a message then exit the app, it is not lost. Instead, it is saved as a draft and when you next open the app, you can pick up right where you left off. Telegram also allows you to open links within the app without requiring another application. You can read a web article within the app without having to call up your browser application. This also applies to normal videos and even streaming videos.

Telegram also has a desktop connection feature but this one is better and easier to use because it does not require your phone to be present and connected to the internet at the same time. You can be logged on to multiple sessions on multiple devices at the same time.

Although there are numerous benefits to Telegram, there are a few setbacks to it. The messages do not always pop up until the app is opened which defeats the purpose of being an instant messaging app. Telegram also does not have support for video messages which have become commonplace.

The benefits, it can be argued though, far outweigh the shortcomings, from data privacy and security to unlimited cloud storage and high performance among others.

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