Health: 6 Benefits Of Sleeping Eye Masks

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Eye masks are used to block out all light and help wearers fall asleep especially for those who experience difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep. About 20% of people around the world are sleep deprived with 50% of adults reporting occasional symptoms of insomnia. Insomnia is a common sleep disorder that makes it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep or that makes a person wake up too early and not be able to go back to sleep. Eye masks to the rescue.

1. Block out light and other distractions

Eye masks block out light and other distractions which helps promote quality sleep. The darkness signals your brain that it is officially time to sleep which then releases melatonin which is a hormone designed to help you sleep. More light in the room leads to less melatonin which makes you feel more alert. Research also shows the darker the room, the better the sleep. The eye mask darkness effectively reduces the time taken to fall asleep, improving the quantity of sleep. It also reduces the frequency of waking up at night improving both the quantity and quality of sleep.

Can’t Sleep? How To Avoid Or Beat Insomnia

2. Great for travel

They are light and can be your constant travelling companion. When you are travelling and do not necessarily have control over the surrounding light, they can come in handy, letting you sleep in darkness regardless of the time of day or light situation.

3. No Side Effects

For people who experience difficulty sleeping, eye masks are a better option than sleeping pills especially for those whose difficulties are not so severe as to warrant pharmaceutical aid. Medication even when it is beneficial always carries the risk of side effects bundled up in them. Eye masks are way safer.

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Man sleeping wearing a black eye mask
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4. Affordable and Comfortable

Eye masks are also significantly cheaper than medication for people whose sleep disorders are not so severe. There are many different options to select from in the market. Comfort is key in the design of eye masks with cotton, silk, and polyester coming in at the top because of their softness and lightness. There are also weighted eye masks that apply even pressure on and around the eyes alleviating tension, improving relaxation and helping one drift off to sleep. There are even eye masks designed specifically for people who sleep on their sides and some with cooling gels and aloe vera for maximum relaxation.

All these options factoring in different needs, face and nose shapes and sleep styles ensure maximum individual comfort at no prohibitive cost.

5. Protects Skin

The soft material eye masks are made from are beneficial to those who have sensitive skin or even conditions like eczema. Dermatologists have been known to recommend them to relax the eyes especially after working long days.

Eye masks protect the skin around the eyes while sleeping keeping them from developing the skin imprints that occur when sleeping, preventing wrinkles. They reduce the side-effects of dry eyes for people who suffer from the condition and are effective in the management of the condition. Eye masks overall keep the eyes and the skin around them moisturized, so they become soft and fresh.

6. Relieves Sinus

Eye masks are considered one of the best remedies for sinus pain and headaches. They relieve sinus pain headaches and puffy eyes. They also reduce inflammation around the eyes by providing a cooling effect and reducing the flow of blood around the eyes.

One of the cons of eye masks is they may press against the eyelashes in a way that causes discomfort for people with long eyelashes or eyelash extensions. This is however remedied by selecting 3D sleep masks and others that have some room. Their affordability means it makes economic sense for those with sleep difficulties to risk trying them to see if they work for them.

Sleep is critical for good physical and mental health. Here’s more on the dangers of insufficient sleep.

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