Regrets Are For The Weak, Only The Strong Survive And Thrive – Part 2

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Maggie found out that her husband was cheating on her and if that was not enough, the lady claimed she was pregnant. She was heartbroken. She had been married for 7 years and they did not get have a child. The problem had always been… him. Daniel, her husband was from a wealthy family and if he left her and they did not have kids, she would lose everything. What to do? Was she just going to sit around and have a pity party or was she going to launch a counter-attack? The first step was to pretend that she was already pregnant. If you haven’t read part 1, check it out here – Regrets Are For The Weak, Only The Strong Survive And Thrive – Part 1

3 days later

Maggie sat Infront of the mirror in her room and looked at herself critically. She was still beautiful at 30. She looked 25. Her skin was glowing because she could afford the best skincare products.  Her hair was a bit shaggy; she had dyed her hair blood and her roots were showing. Her nails and feet needed some TLC though, as she had been spending so much time in the shamba she had forgotten about going for her weekly treatments. She needed to go to the salon and get the works.  Since the shamba had become her baby she had spent most of her time there. She was still very stylish, and she hadn’t become one of those ladies that wore t-shirts that had slogans about the barbed wire in the shamba and as a nightie dress.

Earlier Maggie had been on the computer googling why men cheat? I mean she did not understand it. She was still as beautiful as the day Daniel met her and she couldn’t understand what would make him see the need to date other women. Many articles suggested that sometimes men cheated because their women let themselves go and were no longer attractive. It was true that lately, she had been neglecting her hair and body a bit, but she was still beautiful. All that time she spent running around making sure the shamba workers were doing the right thing and going to meet clients for her horticultural products had kept her fit.

Maggie took out her phone and booked appointments at the salon for the whole day. She was going to make her hair, get a manicure and pedicure, get waxed, and then get a deep tissue massage. She needed the massage most of all. She needed to relax and think. Despite what Daniel had done, she was still in love with him. She still couldn’t believe that he had done this to her.

When they first met 8 years ago when Daniel came to pick his nephew from school, she had been a virgin at 22. She was very old fashioned, and she had been waiting for the right guy to give her virginity to, on her wedding day. Her sister, Mary, on the other hand, had given away her virginity like 20 men ago and she was only 19. Her sister liked the good life, and she went out with guys who she thought would give her what she wanted, money, clothes, phones, and the good things.

Daniel had pursued Maggie. He had such a big crush on her, and he wanted her. Maggie refused to go out with him and so he persisted. He was not used to being told no, and so he felt challenged to make her his. She thought he was all wrong for her because of the kind of family background he came from. She thought he only wanted sex, but he wasn’t in it for the long term. She wasn’t looking to be a play date, that she left to her sister. Eventually, after being asked out countless times she agreed to go out for coffee with him. He took her to an expensive restaurant and tried to woo her. Even though she knew what he wanted; she had a great time. Daniel was a very funny guy, and he made her laugh.

The next time he asked her out she said no. When he asked why she was always saying no to dates with him, she told him point-blank that there was no future in them dating. She was the type of girl who was looking for a man to marry, and she was waiting for marriage to have sex. “Daniel, I know what you want. But I am not that kind of girl. Thanks for taking me out. I think its best that you stop trying to go out with me.”

Daniel asked her, “What do I want?”

Maggie was brutal in her reply, “to take me to bed and then move on to the next conquest.”

“Maggie while it is true that I want to sleep with you, what makes you think I want to go on the next conquest?” Daniel leaned towards her as he talked.

“I know men!  Plus, I know I not the kind of girl a man like you marries. Well let me tell you, Daniel, I am a virgin and I plan to stay that way until the day I get married! So, you can go play your games on other girls, girls who don’t mind being your playthings.” Maggie didn’t even wait for his reply. She walked away from his car feeling very satisfied. Now he will leave me alone, she thought.

Daniel was shocked. He had thought that Maggie was … well never mind what he thought. At 28 he had been around the world, seen many girls, and had very many relationships. But there was something about Maggie. Even though she had refused to go out with him he kept asking. After all, mwanaume ni effort! He had not gotten to where he was by taking no for an answer.

2 weeks later Daniel was back. He had been trying to forget Maggie, but he had been unable to. He loved everything about her, her smile, the way she looked after the children, her confidence and he was also sort of blown away that she was untouched. He came to school after classes and waited for her at the gate.

Maggie saw his Mercedes as she was leaving. She thought she had gotten rid of Daniel. Her heart skipped a beat though when she saw him. She really liked Daniel although she knew that they weren’t suited. She had missed his company and him pursuing her. Despite herself, she had become fond of Daniel.

Daniel came out of the car and stood outside waiting for her. He smiled when he saw her and waved to her. Maggie was unsure whether she should keep on walking or she should just talk to him. When she got to the car, he asked her to enter the car for a few minutes so that they could talk. When she got in, she saw some flowers in a pot and chocolates at the back.

Daniel saw her looking at them and said, “those are for you. I remembered that you told me you don’t like cut flowers. That you love flowers that are still growing.”

Maggie blushed. Daniel had been listening when she talked about the things she loved.

“Maggie, I like you a lot. I know it seems like I am only after one thing… but that’s not it. I have realized that I really, really like you. I promise to respect the fact that you want to remain a virgin. That doesn’t mean that we can’t go out. Let’s see how things work out.” Daniel put on his most charming smile and Maggie could not say no.

That’s how it started. Daniel wooed Maggie. After spending time together, they fell in love and 8 months later they were married. Maggie had thought that even though they didn’t have kids, they were very happy. She had not suspected at all that Daniel could be cheating. She was heartbroken because she had been faithful to him, but it seemed he was having affairs all over town. Maggie couldn’t believe Daniel could do this to her.

Maggie loved Daniel. Despite what Mary the master schemer said she didn’t want to kill Daniel.

What should she do? She had told Daniel she was pregnant, and she wasn’t. She was between a rock and a hard place. It’s ironical that a child brought them together and a child would separate them, either by death or divorce or rather infidelity.

Maggie looked into the mirror and asked, “what options do I have?”


One month later.

Maggie’s moods were all over the place. Her marriage seemed to have gotten a second lease of life. She couldn’t believe that her marriage had turned around like that. The last 2 years her marriage had been strained. She had become frustrated because she wanted a child and Daniel had become very distant knowing that he was the problem where the baby was concerned. But since the time she decided to fight for her marriage, things had changed. Daniel was walking around very proudly telling people that he was going to be a father. It’s like he felt he was no longer a failure and that he was a total man.

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Daniel would come home early. They would spend quality time together and the romance sparked between them. Everything was good in paradise. If only the happiness wasn’t based on a lie. Maggie could feel the guilt weighing down her happiness. Also, the fact that she was running out of time, she was ‘two months” pregnant and soon she would need to start attending prenatal classes. She had been insisting on going to her own doctor, but she knew her mother-in-law would soon start pressuring her to see a specialist doctor she knew.

Maggie was hosting a birthday party for Daniel this weekend. They were also going to formally announce that they were having a baby. Some family members already knew, like Daniel’s mother.

Daniel’s mother, Emily had called her 2 weeks ago. His mother had never liked her. She had already picked the daughter in law that she had wanted, and she had been pressuring Daniel to marry her. Daniel had considered it until he met Maggie. Susan was from a wealthy family like Daniel. She was well educated, polished and a perfect addition to the family. She was a banker, and her family owned a chain of hotels. Susan and Daniel had grown up together and they were well suited for each other, well according to their mothers.

Daniel’s mother had objected to the marriage. Maggie was a nobody. A girl who had grown up in one of the poorer city estates. At least if she was from a middle-class background with professional parents, it wouldn’t have been so bad. But Maggie’s parents were hawkers, and they had no class at all according to Mama Dan as she was called. She wanted a daughter in law who marched her status. Daniel had been so in love he had insisted on marrying Maggie. Mama Dan insisted on the prenup. After they got married Daniel had paid for Maggie’s education degree at one of the local private universities so that at least his mother could not say she was uneducated. Maggie had loved Daniel more for standing up for her.

In the last couple of years though the tension between her and her mother-in-law had become unbearable. First, her mother-in-law didn’t like her. Then she wasn’t able to produce a grandchild. She could be “forgiven” for being common but the fact that in 7 years she hadn’t given Daniel’s parents a grandchild, that was unforgivable. It’s like having a child would blot out her transgressions. Daniel’s mum had started trying to sabotage her marriage, inviting him to family functions without her and introducing him to women who she thought would make great candidates for a better wife. Susan had gotten married to a family friend of theirs and they already had two babies, a boy and a girl.

She was so tired of the lies and having to pretend that she was ok when she wasn’t. Her phone started ringing and when she looked at it, she saw in horror that it was Dan’s mother. She didn’t want to deal with her at the moment, but she knew if she didn’t answer the phone, she would not hear the last of it.

Daniel’s mum didn’t take time even for greetings.

“Is it true that you’re pregnant?”

Maggie didn’t know that Daniel had told her, “yes I am!

Emily did not seem happy when she asked, “how many months?”

Maggie said “I am not quite sure but around two months”

Emily did not mince her words, and they were meant to hurt, “finally you are good for something. That child had better be a boy. It took you long enough to get pregnant. I always told Daniel that you were not a suitable wife. Now that you’re pregnant I guess there’s no getting rid of you. Daniel’s birthday is coming up so you can have a party. We need to announce it to the rest of the family.”

She didn’t even say goodbye, she just cut the conversation.

Maggie called Mary. “The dragon lady called!”

“What did she want?” Mary asked curiously. One of her children was crying in the background and she was trying to shush him.

Maggie said, “she found out that I am ‘pregnant! She called to confirm it.”

“Haha that witch. She has made your life stress. I bet now she wants to be best buddies.”

“Not really. She has made it clear she doesn’t like me. Imagine she told me it had better be a boy. Like I am the one who decides the sex of the baby!” said Maggie.

Mary whispered, “have you considered what I told you? You need to do it soon.”

There was a pause on both sides then Maggie spoke.

“Daniel and I are doing really good. I love him. I don’t want to hurt him.”

“Really. What was he doing with his PA? So, it’s ok for him to hurt you by sleeping around with another woman? Actually, more than one woman?” Mary asked.

“I don’t think…” Maggie said. Mary could tell she was starting to waver.

Mary’s tone became tough, “you don’t have options. You can’t pretend to be pregnant forever. If you were pregnant for real, then it wouldn’t matter because you will inherit through your child. But you’re not so if Daniel divorces you, we lose everything. Get yourself together. Killing Daniel is the only option. It wouldn’t be painful. We discussed what you should do, do it.” Then she also cut the phone without saying goodbye.

Maggie sat on her bed and cried. There was so much pressure from everywhere and she didn’t know what to do. She was caught between a rock and a hard place.

There was no going back now. She could not lose everything she had worked for; she needed to eliminate Daniel and figure out how she could “lose” her pregnancy. She needed to make it look like he died of natural causes otherwise she knew his mother would make sure she did not inherit a single dime.

Look out for the next instalment of this story.

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