Beauty: 6 Makeup Trends To Look Forward To In 2021

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While it seems like we’ve seen it all in the beauty industry, each year, new makeup trends emerge and this year is no exception. Coronavirus may have slowed things down but people also had a lot of time to discover themselves and express themselves creatively. As such, experts predict that many beauty trends this year will push the boundaries and showcase individuality.  Here are some of the beauty trends you can look forward to in 2021.

  1. Dramatic Lashes

If you’ve always wanted to try out extra-long lashes but worried you might look funny, this year is your chance to do so. This trend is set to make a comeback. Furthermore, it might not be as bad as you think. We’ve come a long way from wearing unnatural-looking lashes to wearing mink ones that suit our face type. As such, dramatic lashes will enhance your look and bring out your inner diva. If you’re not a fan of falsies, you can achieve the look using good ol’ mascara and a few lash lengthening tricks. Dramatic Makeup Looks That Are Surprisingly Easy To Do

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  1. Graphic Eyeliner

It’s clear that 2021 is the year for bold makeup trends as yet another out-of-the-ordinary trend emerges. Graphic eyeliner made its debut last year when face masks became part of our daily lives. Beauty gurus expressed their creativity through this makeup look which quickly caught on. From coloured liners to cool designs, there are no limits as to what you can do with this trend which makes it a favourite for many.

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  1. Tightlining

Since masks are here to stay, there’s more emphasis on the eyes with this year’s makeup trends. Tightlining entails applying eyeliner along your waterline which creates the illusion of thicker lashes. It gives you a dazzling eye line that complements your makeup look. This technique has been around for years but it had gone out of style but it is coming back. We’ll be seeing more of this trend throughout the year.

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  1. No-Makeup Look

As minimalism becomes more popular, makeup trends are also adapting to this new way of life. Not only are people investing in skincare more which reduces the need for makeup but also with hard economic times, most people may not prioritize buying makeup products this year. Here are Tips For A Natural Makeup Look

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  1. Feathered Brows

We all feel lazy to groom our brows every now and then. Well, worry not because this trend is perfect if you struggle to do your brows. Gone are the days when people used to shave their brows into a thin strip. Nowadays, the bushier the better and the trends keep evolving to suit this style. The feathered brow is the latest trend and it entails brushing them upwards to give them a light and youthful look. You may fill them in with a brow pencil before brushing them, if need be, to give them a fuller look. Thicker Than A Snicker: 5 Ways To Get Full Eyebrows

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  1. Bold Lip

Mask or not, lipstick never goes out of style as it’s key to complete a makeup look as it can transform your mood. From classic red to trendy burgundy, people are about to rock their favourite bold lip colours all year long. If you want to reduce the chances of your lipstick rubbing off on your mask, look for matte ones. It’s more smudge-proof than glossy ones.

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