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A famous expression states that imitation is the highest form of flattery and when it comes to music it’s fair to say that pretty much every successful track, and genre of artist is in some way directly influenced by something that has gone before.

Some musical artforms, such as rap/hip-hop and just about any dance hit, directly borrows from earlier arrangements at least in part. This is done with the use of authorized samples and can greatly enhance the overall quality of the musical offering being produced.

This is all the more effective when it’s used by way of a homage that is in keeping with the overall musical aesthetic of the track itself, but less acceptable when done without permission or just downright stolen.

If you are a musician or DJ who is looking to produce your own musical creation then the usage of existing tracks and samples, those which are in the mainstream and licensed by major labels, then you may want to consider the potential costs.

Any attempts to legally obtain such clearance will prove tricky, not just because it’s not immediately obvious who holds the relevant copyright, but also because the costs incurred by such an undertaking are incredibly high.

Indeed those costs have only risen during the COVID-19 crisis as artists no longer have the benefit of the revenue made from live concerts, which were the main source of income for pretty much any performing artist as selling physical music is almost dead, and now they are looking to recoup losses by issuing licenses for their musical output left, right and center.

Why Not Go Down the Royalty-Free Beats Route?

There is another option when it comes to supplementing your creative output with work from other artists and that’s by going down the royalty-free route.

Royalty-free music is music that is offered to users on a one-off payment basis and is now a common option among many video producers as well as DJs and musicians. These are very affordable resources that offer a vast array of quality tracks that are stored in near limitless libraries that are handily sorted for your use.

You traditionally look to sign up to these sites on a subscription basis which then gives you access to a huge database of musical content to use as you wish.

These databases give you access to free beats downloads for you to place within your own musical masterpieces and the easy navigation offered by the royalty-free music sites make the process very smooth and incredibly rewarding.

In many ways that is the really big selling point. The art of finding the perfect beat or sample for your work is very much the essence of the hard work and with access to such a huge collection, you’ll be better placed to locate precisely what you are looking for.

Those who offer their beats, samples and tracks via this funnel are very talented and are usually looking for a solid form of income they can derive by being aligned to such a service.

Additionally, they can secure ample exposure by offering their work to others and this can be of great benefit to them in the long-run.

As well as being of great use when added to your own musical creations they can also offer a great deal to working DJs who are looking to jazz up their own personal sets, either broadcast to a watching audience in a club or via online means. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Top Quality Production On a Low Level Budget

Another key benefit to using royalty-free beats comes with the guarantee of high quality production values when it comes to the samples and beats themselves. These can be downloaded in high quality direct to your device and are therefore very much ‘ready to go’ and placed into your own creation in any way you see fit.

There are also multimedia needs that can be met by such high quality beats that are offered by royalty-free providers. The tracks can be handily used in your Soundcloud release, within your video on YouTube, within a podcast or even in a live performance.

All of this is available with a minimum of fuss and at a fraction of the costs associated with attempting to secure a license for a mainstream performer’s work.

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