5 Faux Locs You Should Try Out

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At some point in life, you probably thought about getting locs but couldn’t fully commit to one hairstyle for the rest of your life. Or maybe you wondered if you’d even look good in locs. There are many reasons that make people shy away from getting locs but mainly, most people are not fans of permanent hairstyles.

Well, faux locs are the best solution if you want to rock dreadlocks but don’t want the commitment of permanent ones. This hairstyle has soared in popularity thanks to its low maintenance and chic style. Faux locs can last up to 3 months if you take good care of them. Additionally, they come in a variety of styles from long to short, curly to straight. Here are some faux locs you should try out.

  1. Goddess Locs

Arguably one of the most popular faux locs styles, goddess locs bear the closest resemblance to real dreadlocks hence their popularity. The weathered, curly look seems to appeal to many people. Additionally, the style suits most occasions and has even been spotted on the red carpet with celebrities like Meghan Good, Lisa Bonnet, and Zoe Kravitz making it their signature look. If you’re experimenting with the locs look, this is a good choice as you can’t go wrong with goddess locs.

Goddess locs. Image from https://www.belletag.com/beauty/hair/goddess-faux-locs
  1. Bohemian Locs

Bohemian locs also have curly strands but have a rougher, more care-free look than goddess locs. This is also a popular style choice for those who want to try out faux locs. They’re fun and give you an exotic look that’s simply to die for. Not to mention, they’re easy to pull off. Despite how they look, bohemian locs are surprisingly lightweight. However, these are some of the priciest faux locs styles.

Bohemian locs. Image from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/730075789570392701/
  1. Butterfly Locs

Long locs can get in the way of your daily activities and feel cumbersome. If you want to switch things up to a shorter hairstyle, try the butterfly locs. They’re just as chic as the longer locs but as more manageable. Additionally, bob hairstyles are back on trend hence the butterfly locs becoming more popular. This style tends to work well for both formal and casual occasions.

Butterfly locs. Image from https://emilycottontop.com/how-to-do-amazing-butterfly-locs/
  1. Medusa Locs

Medusa locs are a more daring look that takes confidence to rock them. They fall under the category of edgy hairstyles which might not appeal to everybody. However, locs are deemed as a rebellious hairstyle making the Medusa locs even more appropriate. As the name suggests, this hairstyle was inspired by the mythical creature’s hairdo. The locs tend to be stiff giving it a pointy look. Additionally, they’re big and bold creating a bulky appearance but like most faux locs, Medusa locs are light and airy.

Medusa Locs. Image from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/507992032960160157/
  1. Bob Locs

Bob locs come in a variety of styles from curly to straight, jumbo to micro. They cater to every preference while keeping the style easily manageable. Not to mention, they look extra chic and trendy. You can experiment with this style without taking the spotlight away from you. It also suits multiple occasions including an evening party or a casual event. This style will definitely be worth a try.

Bob locs. Image from https://stayglam.com/beauty/bob-hairstyles-for-black-women/2/

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