Fashion: 7 Ways To Rock A Trench Coat

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Trench coats were once reserved for the cold weather but nowadays, you can rock them all year long with the right style. This stylish and versatile piece has become a key addition to everyone’s wardrobe. It’s an effortless fashion statement that perfectly complements your outfit while keeping you warm. Not to mention, you can wear it with both your formal and casual looks. Here are some ways to rock a trench coat.

  1. Evening Dress

Trench coats add an aura of mystery which makes it a great date night outfit. You can wear it with a short, fitted evening dress though it also complements midi dresses. To add some oomph to this outfit, cinch your waist with a stylish belt. You can go for a chunky belt or a slim one as long as it goes well with the trench coat.

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  1. Boyfriend Jeans

This is a popular, casual look, especially during the cold weather. It’s comfortable, warm, and most important, stylish. Even with a plain t-shirt, this look is irresistibly chic. You can complete it with a pair of heels to make it look more formal. However, if you’re running errands or going for a lunch date, a pair of sandals or chic flats will do. Fashion: Different Ways To Wear Jeans

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  1. Leather Pants

Leather pants are a fashion statement on their own. Therefore, when paired with a trench coat, the look is simply stunning. You can complete the outfit with a blouse and ankle boots to create an effortlessly chic look for both the office and the streets. Try to keep the accessories to a minimum as this look already stands out on its own.

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  1. Beret

Channel your inner Parisian with this look. Berets and trench coats are a perfect match that you can never go wrong with. It’s inspired by the famous French style and has remained trendy for years. Not to mention, it’s sure to keep you warm from head to toe. Go for neutral colours to create a uniform look. You can rock this style with a flowy, mini dress or stylish pants and a pair of heels or flats. Fashion: 5 Hats That Every Woman Should Invest In For Bad Hair Days

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  1. Suit And Tie

This is a classic and simple way to rock a trench coat. Additionally, you don’t have to do much to pull off this look. You can simply wear a nice, fitted suit then throw the coat over it. However, ensure that the colours are well-coordinated to avoid looking busy. Complete the look with chic accessories like a nice watch and stylish shoes.

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  1. Athleisure

Though trench coats are associated with formal wear, they look just as stylish with casual clothes including athleisure. You can rock your it with a pair of sweat pants and go about your day. This is not only super comfortable but also creates an impeccably chic look that will earn you style points.

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  1. Denim Jacket

You can layer your trench coat with other jackets including a leather jacket but a denim jacket creates a chic street style. Try to pair this look with a light jacket to avoid feeling too bulky especially if you’re going to be on your feet for long periods. This outfit looks great for casual events or daytime meetups. To complete this look, accessorize with a baseball hat and sneakers or boots.

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