Lifestyle: 6 Ways To Cook With Alcoholic Drinks

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Alcoholic drinks pair well with food not only as beverages but also as part of the ingredients. Drinks like red wine have been used for centuries while preparing certain meals. Cooking with alcoholic drinks is a clever way to make use of your bottle of liquor while adding a little kick to your recipes. Whether it’s alcohol-infused fruits or vodka spiced meals, there are a variety of ways to use alcoholic drinks to cook. Here are some ideas.

  1. Soak Your Fruits

This is one of the best ways to incorporate alcoholic drinks with food. It’s simple and the results are deliciously boozy. The taste of fruits neutralizes the taste of alcohol while the alcohol elevates the fruit’s flavours. Choose fruits that soak up liquids easily such as watermelons, apples, and berries. You can eat the alcohol-infused fruits as they are or use them as ice-cream toppings. They’re especially great for when you’re entertaining your friends.

  1. Tenderize Meat

Apart from adding flavour, you can use alcohol to tenderize meat. Beer is especially popular for marinating and tenderizing meat. It contains acid and tannin which helps soften the meat while giving it a rich taste. You can also use red wine to tenderize meat as it contains similar ingredients to beer. Ensure that you soak your meat for more than an hour so that it fully tenderizes and absorbs the flavour from the alcohol. Ways To Use Leftover Beer For Cooking

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  1. Bake Pastries

Unlike water, alcohol retains moisture better giving your baked goods a nice, moist texture. Additionally, alcohol gives pastries an irresistible flavour which makes them a popular ingredient in many baking recipes. Some alcoholic drinks like bourbon have vanilla notes giving a rich sweetness with a boozy flavour. To get the most flavour, use the same amount of alcohol you’d use as an extract.  Here are Recipes For Baking A Cake

Chocolate rum cake. Image from
  1. Make Sauces

If you can’t master how to cook meals using alcoholic drinks, try making sauces. There are a number of easy sauces recipes that you can make using alcohol. Additionally, they offer a burst of flavour to make your meals a little special. You can use a variety of drinks, from beer to whiskey, to make the sauces depending on the flavour you want.

  1. Spike Your Desserts

Make your evening more special with a tasty treat that packs a punch. Boozy desserts are simply romantic and are a great way to woo your date. Apart from pastries, you can make alcohol-infused chocolate strawberries, boozy ice-cream, and of course delicious cocktails to go with your dinner. They take less time and effort but still leaves a lasting impression. Boozy Desserts: Baileys Chocolate Mug Cake Recipe

  1. Elevate Your Glaze

There’s something about meat and alcohol that goes so well together. That also includes the kitchen. Meat tends to lose a lot of moisture while grilling and can become dry and chewy. Alcohol can help lock in moisture giving it a rich, caramelized flavour. You can brush over your meat with an alcohol-infused glaze to not only boosts its flavour but also keeps the meat juicy. A bourbon glaze is quite popular for barbeques but you can choose from a variety of alcohol-infused glazes depending on the meat you’re cooking.

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