Retirement: Now It’s Time To Enjoy Your Success

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After a lifetime’s hard work, that moment has finally arrived. It’s time to retire. The prospect can be daunting, especially if you’re someone who’s loved being engaged in your career and enjoyed the community of colleagues and friends you’ve built over the years.

The key to making a successful transition into retirement is to start planning ahead of time. The chances are, that for years you had a financial plan. Now you probably have a budget plan. But do you have an enjoyment plan? Here are some ideas of how you could start to create yours.

Create your bucket list

First thing. Take some time to make your list of all those things you’ve ever dreamed of doing. Now, at last, you have the time to do them, and the wisdom to enjoy each one to the max. The one rule of this is – If an item brings a smile to your face –it stays on your list!

Choose your dream home

Whether it’s a high-rise in New York, a beach house in Bali, or a home by a golf course in an Arizona retirement community, you’re suddenly free to choose where you want to live. While you may prefer to stay close to your family or go for a complete change and move. Pick your location well and you’ll never be short of visitors, but most importantly, make it somewhere you’ll love living.

Go on an adventure

A wildlife safari, a hike to breathtaking Machu Pichu, a tour of the bustling cities of Asia? Learn to ski, or take that parachute jump you always had a yearning to try. If you’re not an avid traveller, look for adventures closer to home. Again, if it makes your heart beat a little faster, it probably fits the bill.

Take up a hobby

Ok, you ask, but what hobby?  Think of what you loved doing as a child, and consider going back to it, with your vastly enhanced maturity and knowledge of the world.  Not sure how to start something completely new, from zero? Wherever your interest lies, you’ll find tutorials on YouTube and fellow enthusiasts on Facebook.


If you love animals but are concerned about the commitment ownership entails volunteer at a local rescue or even a wildlife sanctuary. Help out creatures in need by fostering, rather than adopting. Or use one of the many sites which connect owners with sitters and enjoy ‘borrowing’ a pet while its carers are away. Things To Consider Before Getting A Pet

Take up exercise

Find time to exercise. You could try Golf, taichi, hiking, or belly dancing.  There are so many activities to try. Just keep moving and only do it if you enjoy it. The good news is that you don’t need to get ultra-competitive or set unachievable goals – all you have to do is stay strong, mobile, and full of positive energy.

I’m too old to…

Now, the final and most golden rule. When you hear yourself saying, about something you’d love to do: ‘I’m too old for that’.  Just stop. Think. Then work out how you’re going to get down to the serious business of enjoying life!

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