The Singlehood Series: How I Met My Baby Mama

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The last thing I ever wanted for myself was to have a baby mama but things don’t always happen the way we planned. From the moment I woke up, I knew that day was going to be an extraordinary one. Have you ever had a gut feeling that you’re about to meet someone who would change your life? I just knew something special was going to happen that day. So, I put on my best clothes, walked around the house like I owned a private jet, and prepared for what the universe had set out for me. It was a working day and as usual, I took a matatu to town. Little did I know that was the day that I would meet my baby mama…twice.

As we approached town, the conductor went around collecting fare.

“Can I pay with M-Pesa?” she asked in the sweetest voice I had ever heard.

Madam, hiyo haiwezi. Watu wanatoroka na doh wakisema wanalipa na M-Pesa?”

“But I don’t have cash. I forgot my wallet.” She replied still sweet but her voice was becoming stern.

“Madam haiwezi.” The conductor repeated. “Either unipee cash ama ushuke.”

Of course, that statement took me aback. I didn’t understand why conductors had to resort to threats even with such a beautiful lady.

“It’s okay. I’ll pay for you.” I said to her.

She smiled as I took out a hundred-shilling note and handed it to the conductor.

“Thank you. I can send it back to you.”

“You don’t have to. It’s my act of kindness for the day.”

She went quiet again, gazing outside the window with her earphones on. I kept stealing glances and wondering how I could spark a conversation with her but I didn’t want to be annoying. I also drifted away in my thoughts and before I knew it the conductor was yelling at everybody to alight. She got up and I lost my breath for a second. She had a great body. I couldn’t understand how one person could be so perfect.

“Thank you again and have a nice day,” she said and alighted before me.

My efforts to catch up with her were fruitless and I lost sight of her in the craziness of downtown. After doing one last check, I changed directions and headed to my office building. I kept telling myself and secretly praying that I’d meet her again. No matter how long it took, I knew I wouldn’t forget her face and of course, her incredible body.

Later that day, our boss treated us to lunch at a hotel in town. This used to happen quite frequently since I worked for a small firm and he could manage to treat the whole office every now and then. The hotel was quite prestigious though it wasn’t very well known. We were there for barely 10 minutes and I her had already spotted a few government officials. Then, like an angel walking out of heaven, I saw her walking beside a well-dressed man carrying a suitcase.

“This is definitely the extraordinary thing that was going to happen today,” I told myself.

However, I still didn’t know how I would approach her. It was worse now since she was with someone who looked like he’d have me beheaded if I dared approach their table. She hadn’t spotted me yet so I kept a keen eye on her. Finally, she got up to use the washrooms and I quickly but discreetly followed her.

As she looked at herself in the mirror outside the washrooms, I smiled at her then she recognized me.

“Oh wow, we’ve met again,” she said seemingly unimpressed.

I hoped she’d be excited to meet me. I mean, it’s not every day that you meet a stranger twice in one day. However, she stood there in awkward silence.

“Yea, I saw you walking in and I wanted to come and say hi but I wasn’t sure if that was okay with your…”

“My boss.”

“Okay. Good to know. Do you mind if I took your number? We could talk somewhere better than the washrooms.”

She laughed. Finally, I was making headway.

“Sure. Here’s my card. You can call my office line or my private line.”

She walked back to her table as I pocketed the card and wiped my hands. I followed her shortly after. We went back to the office and I couldn’t wait to send her a message.

Couple with their child. Image from

From then, our friendship kept growing by the day. Even after asking her to be my girlfriend, I still couldn’t believe that she was a part of my life. Apart from being absolutely stunning, she was also really smart. She had just landed her first job after clearing campus and she was already planning on buying a car.

We dated for several months, 5 months to be exact, then I got a text asking me to meet her for lunch. She looked distressed when I saw her and she could barely look me in the eye. The usual cheerful face was wrinkled in a worrying way and her eyes were slightly watery.

“I told you I haven’t been feeling well for the past few days.” She began.

“Yes, did you go to the hospital?”

“I didn’t have to. I‘m pregnant.” She said and immediately after saying that she started crying.

This was good news. I knew that we were just starting to know each other but she was the woman I saw myself with for the rest of my life. Maybe she didn’t feel the same way. She kept asking what she would do. I assured her that I was ready to raise the child and we could move in together if she wanted. That’s when I learnt that she had no intention of getting married and up until that day, she hadn’t planned on having kids.

It was tough after that day and the arguments only drifted us further apart. At some point, I realized I might never see my child if I kept forcing my baby mama to live with me. She never alerted me when she went into labour and I had to learn from her mother that she had given birth to our son. Nonetheless, I put my pride aside and took charge of co-parenting with my baby mama. I helped her set up additional things at the nursery since she barely had anything.

For the first months, I had to leave work slightly early then go to her place to check on my son then head home. It was hectic but I was determined to be there for our child.  Things became a bit easier as our baby grew older and my baby mama warmed up to the idea of being a mum. She’s now the best mother I’ve ever seen. She adores our son and we have a healthy co-parenting relationship. In fact, I have hopes that we might get back together.

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