Home Improvement: 7 Décor Tips For The Kitchen

Beautiful kitchen. Image from https://advancedesignstudio.com/kitchen-remodeling-2/

The kitchen is normally the favourite room in the house but it’s also the most overlooked in terms of décor. This is the place that gets the most action and can deteriorate fast without regular improvements. However, while people focus their energy on redecorating their bedroom, living room, and even bathroom, the kitchen remains the same for years. Redecorating the kitchen can be intimidating since it has to be both functional and aesthetic. If you’re thinking of giving your kitchen a makeover, you can get inspiration from these tips.

  1. Paint The Cabinets

Giving your cabinets a fresh coat of paint will instantly upgrade your kitchen. Colour can make any room look modern and new. Additionally, it’s an affordable way to change how your kitchen looks. Try to go for vibrant and trendy colours to liven up the place. However, you can also stick to neutrals such as white or black which give it a sleek and classy look.

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  1. Buy Storage Jars

Nothing makes a kitchen look cluttered and disorganized like random packaging. Therefore, you should store your cooking ingredients in matching storage jars to create uniformity. This easy décor hack is not only aesthetic but also functional. The jars are easily accessible and reduce the chances of spilling or making messes. Make sure you label them so that you don’t mix them up. 5 Tips To Help You Organize Your Kitchen

  1. Add Nature

Nature brings in a warm, homey feeling which is essential for every kitchen. You can place plants on the counter or have wooden textures around such as wooden stools. Flowers are also a great addition to the kitchen as it brings in nature with a vibrant touch. The best part is that you can never have too much nature so you can have as many plants as you want.

Beautiful kitchen. Image from https://advancedesignstudio.com/kitchen-remodeling-2/
  1. Display Fresh Fruits

Try to display an assortment of fruits on your counter. Fruits are colourful and will capture the attention of anyone that walks into the kitchen. Make sure you arrange them well. The holder should also be aesthetic in order to complement your arrangement. You can place them in a fruit bowl, a decorative tray, a wide plate, or a wooden chopping board.

  1. Break Cabinetry Blocks

Storage space is essential in kitchens but it can also appear heavy. You can reduce cabinetry blocks by installing display shelves. However, if you can’t change your entire shelving unit, you can switch the doors instead. Glass doors make the room look lighter and allow you to see what’s stored inside which can also add a decorative touch.

  1. Place A Light Fitting

A good choice of lighting can make a huge difference in your kitchen. Whether you invest in wall sconces or a chandelier, adding a light fitting will give your kitchen an elegant finish. Make sure that your choice goes well with the theme. If you go for a metal light fitting, try to match it with other metals in the room.

  1. Show Off Your Appliances

It’s a kitchen and your appliances are an essential part of it. Displaying your appliances not only adds décor but also shows off your personality. Therefore, when you’re shopping for appliances, look for ones that reflect your personality. You can also invest in one or two high-end brands that you can proudly show off on your counter. Cookbooks also make good decorative pieces.

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