7 Ways To Build Trust In A Relationship

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The recipe for a healthy relationship consists of three main things – love, communication and trust. Without the three ingredients, the relationship is bound to fail. While it’s easy to love someone, building trust and communication are another story. With rampant infidelity and secrecy, it becomes difficult to trust someone. You may give your partner the benefit of the doubt but in the long run, you need to put in the effort to establish trust for a long-lasting relationship. Here are some things you can do to build trust in a relationship.

  1. Keep Your Promises

Breaking your promise, whether intentionally or unintentionally, makes it seem like you were being untruthful thus betraying the trust. However, we tend to overlook the small things thinking that our partner might not notice. They notice and are taking mental notes. Make sure you follow through on everything you say you’ll do to make you more trustworthy.

  1. Express Your Feelings

It might be difficult but expressing your feelings is one of the most important parts of being in a relationship. This is also a great step towards building trust in the relationship since it shows that the other person can handle your difficult thoughts. When your partner sees that you’re being vulnerable and letting your guard down, they will let your guard down as well. Try to open up more to your partner and invite them to do the same.

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  1. Avoid Dwelling in The Past

Everyone makes mistakes and it’s essential to practice forgiveness if you’re trying to build a trusting relationship. Once you’ve resolved an issue, try not to bring it up in the future. This shows that you’ve forgiven your partner and moved on which inspires them to work on earning your trust. However, ensure that you don’t keep forgiving them for the same mistake. Relationships: Key Things To Remember If You Are Struggling With Forgiveness

Happy couple moving in the image from https://tellyouall.com/8-signs-youre-ready-move-together/
  1. Be Honest About Your Friendships

Friends can be another source of insecurity in relationships especially if you’re not honest about them. In many cases, you’ll find one partner telling the other not to have friends of the opposite gender. This isn’t the healthiest way to handle such insecurities. Instead, you should try to be involved in your partner’s life. Getting to know their friends and vice versa will make you feel comfortable to trust your partner even when you’re not together.

  1. Respond To Their Needs

Sometimes, you might be doing everything right but you still can’t establish a bond with your partner. Building trust isn’t about grand gestures but learning your partner’s love language. Listen to what your partner really needs and do it. Whether it’s spending more time together, showing more affection, or just being there for them, try to find out what it is. Relationships: A Guide To Learning Your Partner’s Love Language

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  1. Take Responsibility For Your Actions

One of the most important things you can do to earn your partner’s trust is to own up to your actions. Don’t try to shift the blame when you make a mistake. This shows maturity and that regardless of your shortcomings, your partner can still trust you. Try to talk about what you can do to improve the relationship and rebuild the trust.

  1. Work As A Team

You need to establish a team mentality in the relationship for you to be able to trust them. Teammates normally work together to accomplish their goals which takes putting a lot of trust in each other. In a relationship, being a team player means giving and receiving in equal measure. There should be a power balance and one partner shouldn’t seem more invested than the other.

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