8 Pros And Cons Of Polyamorous Relationships

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Polyamorous relationships can be described as ethical non-monogamy. This is when people engage in multiple romantic relationships with the consent of their respective partners. It’s a fairly new concept but quickly becoming popular in today’s world as more people decide that monogamy is not for them. Therefore, instead of cheating on their partners, they agree to have other relationships. However, like any kind of relationship, polyamorous relationships have their good side and bad side. Here are some pros and cons of being in polyamorous relationships.


  1. You Get Enough Support

Sometimes, in a monogamous relationship, it can feel like your partner doesn’t fully understand you. This is only natural since it’s almost impossible to be fully compatible with one person. Having multiple relationships means you have several pillars to support you. Therefore, if one partner doesn’t meet certain needs, you can rely on the other one.

  1. You Can Spread Love

Love is often viewed as a scarce commodity and when in monogamous relationships, your other half feels the need to prevent you from loving others out of fear of losing you in the process. However, in polyamorous relationships, you have the freedom to share your love with multiple people without any insecurities. They say that this breeds healthier relationships not just with your partner(s) but also with everyone you interact with.

  1. There’s More Clarity

Contrary to what many believe, non-monogamous relationships also have rules. Actually, people in this kind of relationship are strict on what they allow and what they don’t. They establish clear guidelines to make the experience safe and enjoyable. Therefore, this sets the record straight early on in the relationship and eliminates room for misunderstandings.

  1. It Can Revive Your Relationship

Let’s face it, monogamy can be boring. We crave new experiences after being with the same person for a long time. If you feel this way and you are open to trying to date others, you can talk to your partner about trying polyamorous relationships. Bringing other people into your relationship could reignite the spark between you and your partner.

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Polyamorous couple. Image from https://www.news24.com/parent/Family/Parenting/my-partners-are-extremely-supportive-what-its-like-raising-children-in-a-polyamorous-relationship-20190530


  1. You’ll Be Judged

Whether you like it or not, people will take notice of a polyamorous couple and most of them won’t be kind. They’ll question your morality and upbringing and you have to be prepared for all of it. Instead of being defensive, you can educate them on what polyamory entails (for those who are open to learning) or you can simply live your life.

  1. Dating Is Hard

This is one of the biggest challenges of polyamorous relationships. Sadly, there are very few people who are open to the idea making it difficult to find someone to date. Even when you find someone who wants to give it a try, they end up changing their mind after a few dates. However, it’s important, to be honest with your date from the beginning even if it means that you might lose them.

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  1. It Can Be Coerced

One partner may force the other to be in a polyamorous relationship especially if they have an upper hand. They could use financial, emotional, or physical power over the other. In such cases, any agreement made is not fully consensual and it can cause distress to the unwilling partner. Remember that polyamory is a consensual agreement and if you’re not comfortable with it, you should never agree. 5 Signs You Are Experiencing Financial Abuse In Your Relationship

  1. It Breeds Jealousy

We naturally want our partners all to ourselves and the thought of sharing them with someone else can breed jealousy. This especially happens if there’s a miscommunication.  Talking it out with your partner(s) can help ease the feeling.

Open relationships are not for everybody. Please make sure both you and your partner both want to try these relationships. Also, be aware that one or both of you could get attracted and fall in love with one of the people you are dating and this could make your relationship messy or end it. Check out There’s a dark side of polyamory that nobody talks about

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