4 Types Of Apps To Help You With Working And Earning – Anytime, Anywhere

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Working on the go is nothing new, but it’s more important today than ever before. With the help of a few savvy apps, you can make money anywhere, anytime. All you need is a smartphone and a network connection. Sounds easy? It is – but you still need to do the work that keeps the money rolling in. Get started with these mobile apps that help you to make money no matter where you are.

1. Stock Trading Apps

Before you invest in a paid stock trading app, check out your free trading apps options. Look for high-security, free apps, and that don’t take commissions on your trades. Yes. They exist. But do remember that stocks should be traded strategically. You’re looking to build a balanced portfolio that spreads your assets across different asset classes, and you’re in it for the long run. “Playing” the stock exchange is a bit like playing roulette. Take the long view to be assured of the best returns. Need help? Some of the free stock trading apps also offer news and views from experts – but if you want personalized advice, you’re looking at a small fee. Expert advice is often worth it, so don’t balk at spending a little extra to get it.

2. Market Research Apps

Let’s be frank. You aren’t going to make a fortune, but you can get a little bit of extra pocket money by completing market research questionnaires. How well you do will depends on how many surveys you qualify for based on your demographic information. But hey, if you’re opinionated, and don’t mind spending a few minutes sharing your opinions, you can earn in your downtime by completing a few simple questionnaires. It’s not exactly hard work, and getting money for doodling on your smartphone is pretty cool. Give it a try!

3. Sell Your Photos Online

Having fun with your photography hobby? Your pics could be worth a few bucks! There are several platforms that will allow you to sell rights to your images. It’s a case of putting them out there and waiting to see who’ll pay to use them. If you have a good instinct for creating professional-quality images that businesses will pay for, you can enjoy your hobby and make money from it too. Sure beats the bad old days when photography was an expensive hobby! Check out Foap app for starters! There are also challenges posted by people seeking the right image, and even if you don’t win, someone might still choose to buy your entry.

4. Sell your Second-Hands

From time to time, we are all amazed at the amount of stuff we accumulate over the years. Before you sell things for a song, give them away, or even dump them, use the eBay app to see what price you can get. One person’s junk is another person’s collectors’ item. From plush toys to your old Nintendo or the lounge suite you were thinking of consigning to the tip, someone out there will be willing to offer you bucks for your clutter. It has to be worth a try!

Sometimes, Work Can Feel Like Play

From the serious to the trivial, these are just a few examples of things you can do on the move using nothing but your phone. But there’s more. Sell handicrafts on Etsy, look for freelance work, or even game for money. All it takes is a little ingenuity, your smartphone, and a little time. The more you do, the more money you make. Love your phone? You’ll love it, even more, when it starts making you extra bucks.

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