Hair Care: 6 Tips For Maintaining Your Wigs

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A few years ago, if you said wigs would be as popular as they are today, many people would laugh at you. However, people have come to appreciate them and what they have to offer. Apart from enhancing your appearance, wigs have become popular among many women as they require less maintenance than most other hairstyles. Nonetheless, they still need some care. Curly, straight, human, semi-human, and even synthetic wigs all need the care to prolong their life and maintain their appearance. If you’re a wig wearer, here are some tips for maintaining them.

  1. Use Dedicated Wig Products

It’s tempting to wash and oil your wigs using the same products you use on your hair. This could damage the wig as it might not be able to withstand certain products. For instance, some hair oils may be too heavy for certain hair textures thus making your wig lose its shine and bounce. Invest in dedicated wig products to ensure that your wig stays in good shape. If you’re not sure which products are available, you can consult with a hair specialist.

  1. Wear A Clean Wig Cap

Let’s be honest, many of us wear the same wig cap two or three times before cleaning it. We might think that they’re not dirty but wig caps act as protection between our hair and the wig. This means that they do accumulate dirt even after one wear which could transfer to your wig. Therefore, wearing a clean wig cap is not only good for hygiene purposes but also helps keep your wig cleaner. This reduces the number of times you have to clean your wig thus prolonging its lifespan.

  1. Don’t Wash Them Too Often

If you wash your wigs too much, it might strip them of their natural lustre and make them coarse. Whether you wear them daily or rotate them now and then, you should be able to go a few days without washing them. Make sure you keep them clean for as long as possible to maximize the washing period. Also, be gentle when washing your wigs to avoid tangling the hair.

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  1. Never Blow Dry Your Wigs

Whether synthetic or human hair, you should never blow dry your wigs. Blow drying is damaging to human hair and it can easily burn your synthetic hair. You should never use any kind of heat on synthetic wigs. For semi-human, read the instruction on the appropriate heat level you can use. Generally, you should leave your wigs to air dry after washing them. If you dry with a towel, ensure that you don’t tug on the hair which can make them tangle up.

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  1. Invest In A Wig Head

Storage also plays a huge role in keeping your wig in good condition. Therefore, you should have appropriate storage for your wigs. Wig heads are the best way to store your wigs and ensure that they stay tangle-free. It also maintains the shape of your wigs. However, if you have several wigs, you may need storage that can accommodate them. You can buy a firm box or bag to keep them or dedicate one of the drawers in your wardrobe.

  1. Don’t Sleep With Your Wig

The best part about wigs is that you can remove them when you’re going to bed, so why would you sleep with them on? Sleeping normally gets the hair tangled and the beddings strip the hair of its oil. This can make your wig look dull and unkempt. Therefore, try to avoid sleeping with your wig to prolong its life.

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