Travel: How To Stay Safe On Your Next Road Trip

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If you plan on taking the road trip in the U.S., know that the upcoming months will be busier-than-usual on American roads, which should inspire you to take extra safety measures. The current health crisis has resulted in 44% of American drivers taking more road trips this summer, as found in a survey conducted by OnePoll. Over four in 10 people surveyed said they had replaced a travel plan with a road trip, and 41% said they were travelling now more than in the past. Stay safe on your upcoming American road trip by keeping the following considerations in mind.

Making A List Of Contacts

Road trips are characterized by their flexibility, but it is important to make a list that includes key contacts such as the hotels you have booked, recommended pediatricians and doctors in the areas you will be visiting, and the name of a good attorney. Knowing whom to contact in the event of an accident is vital because you may need to pay for vehicle damage and medical expenses upfront. A car accident attorney will be able to give advice on aspects such as documenting economic and non-economic damages in detail. This information will be useful further down the line if you decide to make a claim or file a lawsuit against a negligent driver.

Maintaining Your Vehicle 

Even if your vehicle isn’t due for a check-up, taking it to a mechanic to check key features such as brakes, tires, your battery, fluids, air filters, air conditioning, wipers, lights, and any other parts or systems recommended by your mechanic, can help you avoid inconvenience and delays. Just prior to leaving, check your tire pressure and oil and water levels. Some routes in the  US – including Route 50-Nevada, Route 61 in Centralia, Pennsylvania, and Dalton Highway in Alaska can be very lonely, with no gasoline stores or mechanics in sight. Many pass through very populated towns, and some have a desert-like atmosphere that isn’t ideal to be stuck in if your vehicle should break down.

Bringing Crucial Supplies

Road trip safety checklists abound online, and there are many apps providing checklists for different types of destinations. Make it a point to use one of them, since there are many required items that you may unwittingly leave behind. Start out by packing a good first aid kit with everything from anti-bacterial cream to sunscreen, gauze, tape, tweezers, wet towels, and a thermometer. Snacks, drinks, toys, and entertainment for children are also important since they can entertain passengers and make frequent stops for snacks less necessary.

When it comes to road safety, ensuring your car is fit to hit the road for days on end should be your number one priority. This will avoid having to stop on potentially solitary or dangerous routes that could lack phone coverage. Next in importance is packing a quality first aid kit that contains everything you need for cuts, scrapes, and other incidents that can occur during stops. Finally, turn your car into an entertainment center and food store so that stops are kept to those you have scheduled.

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