Lifestyle: 9 Pros And Cons Of Floor Beds

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Putting your mattress on the floor might be the last resort for most of us. However, this is the norm for others not for lack of choice but for the benefits that floor beds have to offer. In countries like Japan, floor beds are part of their culture. Actually, some modern floor bed designs have borrowed from Japanese culture. Even in traditional African cultures, people used to sleep on the floor and still do. There are other benefits of floor beds including saving costs. However, they can be can have their downsides too. Here are some pros and cons of floor beds.


  1. Prevents Overheating

Placing your mattress on the floor can create a more conducive temperature for sleep. Air is usually cooler closer to the ground. Therefore, when you sleep on the floor you can enjoy cooler temperatures. Your sheets and mattress stay cool throughout the night thus preventing the discomfort of overheating while sleeping.

  1. Saves Costs

Bed frames are quite expensive and the bigger the frame the more expensive it is. You can save a lot of money by choosing to have a floor bed. Whether you have a mattress only or a low platform, floor beds are less costly than other types of beds. Therefore, with a small budget, you can still have a bed to sleep on.

  1. Creates A Modern Look

There’s no doubt that floor beds are beginning to catch on in modern times. They make your bedroom look more futuristic and stylish. Additionally, there are so many floor bed designs that create a simple but stunning look.

  1. Reduces Back Problems

One of the main benefits of floor beds is that they offer better lumbar support than raised beds. Since your mattress is on a firmer surface, it’s less likely to curve inwards while you lay on it. This allows your spine to maintain its natural posture thus reducing strain on it. 7 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Spine

  1. Fights Insomnia

Factors like stress, prolonged screen time, and anxiety can make it hard to fall asleep. If you experience insomnia, try switching to a floor bed. Sleeping on the floor creates a tranquil feeling thus helping you sleep better. This is because it’s more natural and we feel more relaxed when closer to the ground. How To Avoid Or Beat Insomnia

Stylish floor bed design. Image from


  1. Harder To Keep Beddings Clean

The floor is the dirtiest surface in the house. Since beddings are so close to the ground, they come in direct contact with dust which makes them dirty quickly. You should avoid having white beddings if you have a flor bed and clean the floors regularly to keep your beddings clean.

  1. Can Cause Respiratory Problems

For people who live in cold areas, floor beds may not be ideal. This is because they expose you to extremely low temperatures which can cause health issues. Adding more blankets will not solve the problem either since this only protects your body from the cold but you will still breathe in cold air.

  1. Exposes You To Insects

Every now and then, insects will crawl into your bed if you have a floor bed. Therefore, don’t be surprised when you find an insect or two in your bed. You can either get used to them or change to a higher bed because this is unavoidable.

  1. Causes Mildew Buildup

Floor beds don’t allow adequate ventilation like other beds which can lead to mildew buildup on the mattress. Mildew can be potentially hazardous to your health especially if you have other respiratory problems. Ensure that you air your mattress regularly and place a waterproof material between the floor and mattress.

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