6 Easy Ways To Reduce Carbs In Your Diet

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Reducing carbs in your diet has been linked to numerous health benefits including improving cognitive functions and reducing the risk of heart diseases. Sticking to a low-carb diet is another story altogether. When you think of life without your favourite candy or those delicious fries, it doesn’t seem possible to do away with carbs. Additionally, we consume carbs daily and for most people, carbs are part of their staple diet. Therefore, reducing carbohydrate intake is definitely not an easy task. There are, however, ways you can do it without putting too much strain on yourself. Here are some ways to reduce carbs in your diet.

  1. Leave The Bread Alone

It’s important to feed your body with a nutritious meal in the morning to restore energy and ensure you have enough to last you during the course of the day. Therefore, high-carb and low-fibre foods like bread are not ideal breakfast dishes. They simply give you empty calories and within a few hours, you’ll need to eat again. This can cause a spike in your sugar levels and you risk developing diabetes. If you must eat bread, look for wholemeal bread but there are many healthier breakfast meals you can choose such as oats and eggs. Food: Five Easy Delicious Egg Recipes You Should Try

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  1. Drink Black Tea And Coffee

The thought of drinking tea or coffee without sugar and milk will make most people shudder. However, black coffee is actually tasty and it’s the best way to really appreciate the taste of the coffee. It’s also an easy way to reduce carbs in your diet. Both sugar and milk contain carbs and they add to your daily recommended amount especially if you drink several cups a day. Lifestyle: 7 Healthy Alternatives To Sugar

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  1. Add More Vegetables To Your Carbs

You might not be able to avoid carbohydrates in your diet but you can make them healthier. By mixing vegetables with carbs when cooking, you’ll reduce the amount of carbs on your plate thus reducing your intake. This also doesn’t compromise the taste and you can enjoy your favourite meals while staying healthy. Try to prepare more veggie and carbs meals such as fried rice, veggie noodles, and sandwiches. 5 Easy Diet Plans You Can Follow

Carbohydrate foods. Image from https://www.healthifyme.com/blog/foods-rich-carbohydrates/
  1. Avoid Super Processed Foods

Though all processed foods are generally not good for your health, some are extremely harmful. These include foods like sodas, potato crisps, and instant soups that have gone through multiple processes to imitate real food. These foods contain harmful additives and no nutrients to combat health issues that may arise from eating them. You should, therefore, avoid these foods at all costs. Tips To Getting Rid Of Belly Fat

  1. Watch What You Drink

Most alcoholic drinks contain carbs since they come from ingredients such as potatoes, malt, and barley. Therefore, indulging in your favourite cocktail or beer increases your carbohydrate intake. Sugar-packed drinks like energy drinks and processed juices are also not good if you’re trying to cut back on carbs. However, if you must drink, stick to clear alcohol like gin and vodka as they contain fewer carbs.

  1. Make Healthier Snacks

Snacks are important especially when you’re hosting a movie night or simply lounging at home. However, the go-to snacks such as cookies and crisps. You can try to go for healthier options if you want to cut down on your carbs. Instead of eating unhealthy snacks, switch to something healthier yet still delicious such as berries and whipped cream, carrot sticks and peanut butter, and dark chocolate. Food: Easy Healthy Breakfast Recipes That You Can Make In A Couple Of Minutes

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