6 Affordable Beauty Brands With Good Quality Products

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Beauty products are one of those things that you should never compromise on quality. Lower quality makeup and beauty products can cause skin damage due to the types of ingredients used. Nonetheless, it’s tempting to go for lower-quality beauty products as they are significantly cheaper compared to some of the more established beauty brands in the market. It’s no secret that beauty products run up a huge bill and one shopping spree at your favourite store could cost a month’s rent. However, there are brands that offer good quality products and you won’t have to stretch yourself thin to afford them. Here are some affordable beauty brands you won’t regret buying.

  1. Neutrogena

This is arguably one of the most popular beauty brands in the market right now. Many people have come to appreciate their products not only due to their affordability but also their effectiveness. Neutrogena products are known for being dermatologist recommended especially for acne-prone skin. However, they have a wide range of skincare products including anti-ageing products, moisturizers, make-up products, and even hair care products. You can build your entire skincare arsenal with Neutrogena products only. Additionally, most of their products are readily available in the Kenyan market.

  1. E.l.f

E.l.f, an acronym for eye lips face, is a purely cosmetic brand and offers a range of affordable and high-quality products. They are mainly lauded for their mineral-based products which leave your skin nourished and glowing. Some of their best-selling products include primer, highlighter, brow pencil, and concealer. Additionally, they’re packaged well and could easily pass off as a high-end product. Thanks to these attributes, e.l.f have attracted loyal customers who swear by their products.

  1. Nyx

Getting your first Nyx product feels like a rite of passage into the beauty world. This pocket-friendly beauty brand has made a name for itself in the beauty community as a staple. Their lipsticks and lip glosses are especially popular thanks to the power of social media. Back in 2017, Nyx was one of the most mentioned brands on YouTube as beauty YouTubers reviewed their products. They were also the go-to lipstick brand for most influencers back in the day.

Makeup products. Image from https://www.megoonthego.com/cheap-makeup-brands/
  1. Urban Decay

Many beauty enthusiasts love an eyeshadow palette that they can create different looks with. This brand is beloved for its wide range of eye shadow palettes especially the 12 shades palettes. It offers high-quality eyeshadows and other beauty products at affordable prices compared to its high-end counterparts. Additionally, they have a pretty squeaky clean track record and most of their customers have nothing but good things to say about their products.

  1. The Ordinary

Gone are the days when skincare products were reserved for the wealthy in society. As the demand for skincare products increases, companies are more focused on making affordable yet effective products. Hence, companies like The Ordinary have soared in popularity. This Canadian skincare brand has been causing quite a buzz in the beauty community for a while. Though people have mixed feelings about their products, most reviews are positive. They pride themselves in specializing in materials chemistry and biochemistry to offer some of the best skincare and haircare products.

  1. Cerave

Cerave is another affordable, dermatologist-recommended brand. They have a wide range of beauty products including moisturizers, and cleansers that many swear by. Though it has been a beauty favourite for a while, it recently grew in popularity thanks to social media. Their affordable range of products might have something to do with it since skincare has become a necessity in this social media age. However, both old and new users can tell you that Cerave products live up to their expectations.

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