4 Common Insomnia Causes & How To Prevent Them

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One of the most common kinds of sleep disorders, insomnia affects up to 35% of adults. Insomnia causes all kinds of severe symptoms, from a general inability to get the right quality or quantity of rest through the night, to a lack of focus and even mental health issues.

If you’re worried about your insomnia sticking around forever, the good news is that developing the right sleep hygiene tactics can go a long way in helping you achieve a good night’s sleep. Whether it’s using a hybrid mattress to accomplish instant coziness in bed, testing out a bunch of different kinds of non-caffeinated tea, or getting into a mindfulness practice that helps you fall into a more gentle routine, there are plenty of ways to deal with insomnia.

Here are four common causes of insomnia, along with what you can do to minimize their impact:

#1 – Poor Sleep Set-Up

If you’re still using the same mattress you used in college, and your bedroom could be mistaken for a dorm room, one of the most common insomnia causes might just be your sleep set-up. Investing in the most comfortable hybrid mattress for your rest is going to be the quickest fix for trouble sleeping you might be experiencing because of this.

A good hybrid mattress is going to help you achieve that balance of comfort and support that is much needed in a good night’s sleep. So how exactly do you go about selecting the best hybrid mattress for your sleep?

For starters, try and be sure the company you buy your hybrid mattress allows a trial period so you can really test out whether your sleep quality has improved. A good hybrid mattress is going to have the strengths of both memory foam and spring, so see if you’re getting the plushness and coziness you might expect from a foam mattress, along with the pressure-relief you’d associate more often with a spring.

Hybrid mattresses aren’t the only way you can up the cozy points in your bedroom. Other factors that contribute to your bedroom’s comfort level include other kinds of bedroom furniture, temperature, and even light. Try to mix and match these elements for your chance to get a truly cozy night’s sleep and for a chance to minimize the impact of your own insomnia.

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#2 – Stress

External stressors are another one of the insomnia causes most commonly found amongst adults. Insomnia can be triggered by minor stressors that arise in places like the workplace or family, to stress that comes from more traumatic incidents and can be professionally diagnosed as PTSD, there are a lot of ways stress can permeate and shape our sleep cycles.

If you’re trying to deal with stress more effectively, then you’re going to want to come up with a bedtime routine that actively works to minimize it. If you’re trying to do this, there are a couple of quick and easy ways you might be able to. These include:

  • Taking a warm shower before you go to bed. Not only are warm showers extra soothing, but they also help bring down your internal body temperature right before bed, which can help when you’re looking to get a good night’s sleep.
  • Lighting some scented candles will allow you to utilize the benefits of aromatherapy to keep your space feeling zen, allowing you to benefit from a good night’s sleep in turn. Insomnia causes feelings of anxiety from time to time, meaning it’s especially important to try and keep your bedtime as calming as possible to combat this. If you’re finding aromatherapy is effective, you might also want to try spritzing your new hybrid mattresses with a mix of water and scented oils for added comfort to your sleep.
  • Staying mindful of what you eat right before going to bed. Eating high-sugar or high-fat foods right before you go to bed can actually do a lot of damage and disrupt your sleep cycle, making it hard for you to concentrate. Insomnia causes a lot of cravings, so this might be a hard cycle to beat, but sticking to healthy foods can help you a lot with feeling better.

#3 – Irregular Sleep Cycles

Our body clocks are delicate. Also known as our circadian rhythms, this is the schedule our body follows that closely mirrors the patterns of day and night. When you’re constantly changing your sleep schedule, or you find yourself sleeping in on the weekends, you’re supplying your body with an inconsistent schedule that can in turn disrupt your circadian rhythm.

Additionally, insomnia causes a poor night’s sleep as well. This means one of the simplest ways to ensure you’re getting a good night’s sleep if your insomnia is a result of an inconsistent sleep schedule is to simply set a bedtime and wake time that ensures you’re getting your full eight hours of sleep. Try and pick times that are sustainable for you, even through weekends, since it’s going to matter as you’re trying to get better sleep.

#4 – Chronic Pain or Illness

Finally, your insomnia causes might be indicative of deeper health conditions that need further treatment. If you’re someone who deals regularly with chronic pain, then you’ll find that a good night’s sleep is going to require a good amount of pressure relief. The right hybrid mattress can go a long way in helping you with this, but an adjustable bed frame can be equally useful when you’re trying to find a position you can sleep in for an extended period of time.

Other kinds of illnesses can have insomnia as a symptom, while some medications for certain mental disorders and heart conditions can have insomnia as a side effect. Speak to your physician if you’re experiencing a prolonged case of insomnia as a result of one of your medications so that they can look into potentially changing this for you.

Insomnia causes a lot of debilitating side effects, and it can be challenging to deal with on a regular basis. If you’re struggling with the effects insomnia cause, remember that starting with your sleep hygiene and working backwards can help significantly in contributing to a better sense of health. Whether it’s by investing in a hybrid mattress that works for you or simply using a better bedtime routine to stay relaxed, you’ll find your insomnia is soon going to be a thing of the past.

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