Lifestyle: 6 Important Things To Consider When Creating A Home Bar

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A home bar is a place where you can relax, put your bartending skills to the test, and of course, enjoy a drink with friends. Now that bars and restaurants have been closed once again, this is a great time to transform that empty space in your home into your dream bar. Additionally, home bar designs are becoming more creative to accommodate both small and big setups. Whether you want to have a whole bar area or a minibar to hold your favourite drinks, there are important things you should consider to help you create the ideal home bar. Here are some.

  1. Make Use Of An Empty Space

If you have an empty space in your home, then you should consider setting up a home bar. This can transform an unused space into one of the best areas in your home. Whether it’s an empty room in your house, your backyard, or garage, you’ll be surprised by the difference a home bar will make to this area.  You can also make use of a nook or extra counter space in your kitchen. For people with limited space, you can set up a mobile bar or have one that can collapse when you don’t need it to free up space.

  1. Invest In Quality Furniture

Finding furniture that works for your space is ideal for creating the perfect home bar. The furniture has to be made of sturdy and durable material to give your home an elegant finish. Wooden furniture is a popular choice for home bar owners as it gives an authentic bar ambience and it’s strong enough to stand the tests of time. If you want a minimal look, metal furniture is the way to go. You can also go for padded stools to make the bar area homier and inviting. Ensure that your bar stools are the correct height for maximum comfort.

  1. Have The Bar Essentials

There are key things that a home bar should have. Start with the drinks. Ensure you have the most popular drinks like gin, wine, whiskey, and vodka. You can also have a few celebratory drinks for those special moments. If you like making cocktails, buy the right mixing tools. For glassware, you can have a few of each depending on the size of your bar. Some of the essential glasses you should have in your home bar include wine glasses, shot glasses, champagne glasses, cocktail glasses, and martini glasses. You can then prop up your bar cart or bar stand with some décor items to your liking.

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  1. Decorate With Purpose

Remember that your bar has to be functional above everything else. Therefore, when decorating, make it functional as well. You can enhance your space with artwork, bar games like a pool table or darts, or a screen to watch your favourite games. For a smaller bar area, it’s even more essential to use functional décor. You can display your drinks and glassware as décor then add a few eye-catching pieces. Here are some cool mini bar décor ideas

  1. Have Adequate Storage

Whether you want to have a simple or elaborate home bar, it’s essential to have the right storage. Bars can be a busy place and things can get messy if you don’t have a designated area for them. Therefore, ensure that you have ample storage space for your drinks, glasses, and other tools. For small home bars, you can install hanging racks above the counter or on the bar cart for some of your glasses. Open shelves also keep the area light and give you somewhere to place your essentials.

  1. Keep Your Budget In Mind

Setting up a home bar can cost a pretty penny depending on the type of bar you want. Take into account all the essentials you need to create your dream bar in order to have a realistic budget. You can also choose a design based on the budget you have. Nonetheless, there’s a bar design to suit every budget and you don’t have to invest so much money to have a home bar.

Now that your bar is ready, you can try some of these easy cocktails – rum, gin, martini, whiskey, cognac and vodka cocktail recipes.

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