7 Ways To Handle A Toxic Relationship

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When someone finds themselves in a toxic relationship especially with co-workers, neighbours, family and friends, their natural reaction in such is to avoid dealing with the situation. However, it’s necessary to learn how to handle a toxic relationship. In some cases, you might not have the luxury of leaving. It’s also better for your mental health to deal with such a relationship rather than sweep things under the rug. Here are some ways to handle a toxic relationship – disclaimer this is not about couples relationships which should be handled differently although some of the tips apply. Why Do People Stay In Toxic Relationships?

  1. Avoid Investing Yourself Emotionally

If you have to interact with the toxic person, avoid giving them too much attention. They may try to bait you into feeling sympathetic for them. This then allows them to continue their toxic behaviour towards you. Therefore, you need to detach all emotional connections with them to regain control of the situation. You may offer a listening ear but be careful with how much attention you give them.

  1. Become More Visible

In most toxic relationships, the focus is usually on one person which can leave you feeling neglected and unheard. Being more visible not only reclaims your space but also establishes a healthy dynamic. It may also make the toxic person realize their wrongdoing. Let them know how you feel. Also, try to be more assertive so that your point is heard loud and clear. 7 Ways To Build Trust In A Relationship

  1. Pick Your Battles

Yes, it’s hard being the bigger person and our natural instinct, when we’re feeling attacked, is to defend ourselves. However, don’t let everything that the toxic person does get a rise out of you. Even if it hurts, try to stay calm or walk away if you can’t. Toxic people enjoy pushing your buttons so the more you respond the more they’ll poke you.

Couple arguing. Image from https://www.sowetanlive.co.za/s-mag/2018-07-24-traits-of-a-toxic-relationship-and-how-to-confront-them/
  1. Heal Individually

Before trying to fix a toxic relationship, start by healing yourself. This is a great opportunity to do some self-reflection. Revisit what you want and what your boundaries are. You can also seek counselling separately to help you heal. Once you’re in a healthy space mentally, you’ll be able to make better decisions and handle a toxic relationship better.

5. Take Responsibility

You may also be contributing to the toxic environment knowingly or unknowingly. For instance, they may threaten you to do something and by doing it, you engage their behaviour. Your response to such negative behaviours could be furthering the toxic dynamic. Be more conscious of your actions and reactions around the toxic person. This way, you may be able to handle the situation.

  1. Go On With Your Life

Don’t put your life on hold simply because you’re in a toxic relationship or are dealing with a toxic person especially neighbours. Additionally, stopping your daily routine could make you feel more miserable and have a negative effect on your mental health. Even if the situation brings you down at the moment, it gets better over time. Therefore, you shouldn’t let it get you down.

  1. Focus On Positivity

An important part of learning how to handle a toxic relationship is to surround yourself with things or people that make you happy. Staying positive in such an environment can be a challenge. Therefore, you need something that boosts your spirits. Avoid engaging in other toxic behaviours as this will only bring more negativity in your life. Instead, spend time with positive people and do more good deeds. Opinion: On Toxic Positivity And Good Vibes Only

6 Ways To Get Out Of A Toxic Relationship

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