The Singlehood Series: She Placed A Camera In Her Boyfriend’s Bedroom To Find Out If He Was Cheating

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Lauren had always had her suspicions about Ken’s cheating habits. She had never caught him doing anything shady, not even a text, but he gave her a strange feeling that he was not faithful to her. Since she never caught him in the act, there’s was no way to confirm her suspicions. Most of his friends also swore that Ken was a good guy so Lauren let her guard down. Their relationship was pretty healthy apart from a few fights here and there. They enjoyed each other’s company for the most part.

However, trouble started brewing in paradise when Lauren started a night shift job. She had finally landed her dream job as a late-night radio show host but it meant she’d spend less time with her boyfriend. At first, Ken was supportive of her career milestone and even threw her an intimate party to celebrate. After a few weeks, the cracks in their relationship started to show. The arguments became more often and Lauren’s suspicions returned.

On the other side, she was riding high in her career. Her show was gaining popularity and she was the latest talk in town. Despite their problems, they continued living together though they hardly slept in the same bed. In fact, Lauren often started sleeping in the spare bedroom when she returned home. Their relationship continued to deteriorate due to the strain and at one point, the pair didn’t speak a word to each other.

“I don’t know what to do, Diana.” She opened her to a work friend.

“Why don’t you break up with him?” she suggested.

“I can’t leave him. I’m too attached.”

“Well, you just have to work on the relationship then.”

“You know what, I think he’s cheating on me. The other day, I came home and found his clothes scattered around the house and he was passed out in the bedroom.”

“Have you asked him about it?”

“I’ve been here before. He’s just going to deny it and blame me for not being there.”

“I have a better plan that will put all the cheating rumours to bed once and for all. Have you ever thought of installing a camera in your house?”

The question took Lauren by surprise. She never imagined she would be that girlfriend who spied on her boyfriend but he was driving her there. After weighing her options, installing a camera didn’t seem like a good idea. She decided to give it time but the idea was still in the back of her mind.

“Let’s see how things go first.”

“Okay. But if you change your mind, I know a guy who can do it.”

Over the course of the month, she continued finding hints of Ken’s infidelity. She’d find a lipstick that didn’t belong to her tucked in between the couch cushions. The next time, she’d find wine glasses in the sink. She knew Ken never drank wine so there must have been someone else in her house. However, she decided not to confront him since all he would do was deny it.

Her workmate insisted that she should put the camera in the bedroom and Lauren warmed up to the idea. So, she got in touch with the guy who did the installation and within an hour, he was at her house. There was no backing out now. He took out the camera he’d be installing and got to work.

“I’ve actually worked with the police,” he said while fixing the camera.

Lauren could barely pay attention. She worried that Ken would be able to spot the camera immediately he walked in.

“What if he sees the camera?” she asked the man.

“It’s almost impossible. In all the years I’ve done this work, no one has ever seen the camera. Just act natural when you’re in this room.”

“Well, I barely spend time here so I think it will be good.”

“So, I’ll connect your phone to the camera then you can monitor what’s happening in the room. Once you’re satisfied, you can call me to take down the camera.” He said as he finished up.

“Okay. Thank you. Hopefully, I don’t find anything.”

“Yes. I usually recommend my clients to give it a month or two. If nothing has happened between that time, then you have nothing to worry about.”

The man left just as quickly as he got there and Lauren was left alone with her thoughts. The last thing she wanted was to see her boyfriend cheating on her but he had pushed her there. Ken came back home just as she was preparing to leave for work. They exchanged a few words and she left before raising any suspicions.

Immediately she left the house, she checked the camera. Everything seemed normal. Ken went about his business and eventually retired to bed. This went on for a few days and Lauren was starting to believe that her cheating suspicions were absurd. In fact, she almost came clean about the camera but that night, as she checked the camera, she saw exactly what she knew was happening under her roof.

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Ken, accompanied by another woman, came into the bedroom kissing passionately. They both fell on the bed and begun undressing each other. Lauren put her phone away before she could see any more. she was still in shock when her work friend walked in.

“What’s wrong? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

She broke down in tears.

“He’s cheating on me.” she managed to say.

The two embraced as Lauren sobbed uncontrollably.

“Could you host the show on my behalf, please? I need to go home.”

“I can’t let you go alone. David could host for you then I’ll take you.” She suggested.

Lauren nodded and sat behind her desk waiting for her friend. She came back after a few minutes and motioned her to follow her.

“David happily agreed. Now, let’s go and deal with this boyfriend of yours.”

By the time they got to the house, the girl had left and Ken was in deep sleep. He didn’t even hear the two standing over him, plotting how they would handle the situation.

“Wake up!!” Lauren said in a firm voice.

“Huh? Lauren? What time is it?”

“Shut up, you liar! You think I don’t know what you’ve been doing when I leave for work. I want you to pack your clothes and get out of my house. We’re done, Ken”

He was still stunned.

“Who is this? What are you doing?”

“I’m the one you don’t want to mess with.” She replied.


“You have two minutes to get out or I’m burning your clothes.”

He dragged himself out of bed, turned on the lights, and saw the mess in the bedroom.

“This is what I come home to every other day. You don’t even have the decency to clean up after cheating on me.” Lauren said.

“I wouldn’t be cheating on you if you spent time with me.”

“Just go, Ken. I never want to see you ever again.”

The two girls went to wait in the car and after a few minutes saw Ken dragging his suitcase to his car. Lauren broke down again. Despite their rocky relationship, she still loved him and wanted to believe that he loved her enough not to cheat on her. Unfortunately, she confirmed the opposite. She decided to focus on her career and put love in the backseat.

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