7 Page-Turning Novels Perfect For Your Next Flight


Have you ever been on a long flight travelling solo? I can imagine how boring it was or can be. Long flights can be pretty dull, especially when travelling alone. This does not have to be the case if you pack some books in your hand luggage.

Surely, you must have seen some people reading books on some flights. Work and other things make it hard to read, but long flights create the perfect moment to read exciting and fun novels.

Though the reading culture has greatly relapsed, books will forever be the best thing that happened to humanity. From them, you can learn several great lessons which school will never teach you. 

The words of some authors have a way of relating to our struggles and personal stories. There are many genres of books that you can read. 

You can read books about politics, business, fictional stories, adventures, religion, and love. 

Good books portray general themes, characters, experiences, emotions, and perspectives that one encounters daily. For example, if  Science Fiction is your cup of tea, check out this list of the best sci-fi books by Cool Things Chicago.

You will probably learn a lot from reading some of the books listed below, and we hope you enjoy reading all of them.  

Seven exciting novels to read on a flight

  1. Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Brave New World was written after the post-world war presents questions about the future of humanity. The book highlights the smartphone era – it raises questions about society, brutality, convenience, and comfortability.

It further talks about the future generation born into different family backgrounds; some families who already have generational wealth. 

According to the picture painted by Huxley in Brave New World, emotions and individuality will be taken out of children by societal conditions. People in this society find it hard to build meaningful and lasting relationships because everyone is selfish.

The book presents the different classes of people in a society where the rich are favored, given the best of everything, both physical and mental, during the low feed from the leftovers. 

Early this year, the book was also adapted into a series drama by NBC for their streaming service called Peacock. 

     2. The Smart Money Woman by Arese Ugwu

The Smart Money Woman is a 210 paged book written by Arese Ugwu. The books seek to help young Africans learn their power and ability to build their future. According to the author, to create a prosperous future, you need to make smarter money decisions.

These smart decisions can help you get money, keep money, and grow money. The story centers around a fantastic girl-squad with Zuri being the main character in the story, accompanied by her best friends. The book comes with money lessons at the end of each chapter to help manage your finances.

The book talks about some of our daily challenges when it comes to handling money. This includes working on a budget, creating realistic spending plans, the power of networking, and making future investments.

        3. The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah

The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah talks about the everyday struggles that life presents. It paints the picture of a dad who has lost his job and is searching for a means to take care of his family. 

The dad wants to take his family to an unknown destination hoping that things will get better there.

Their daughter Leni who happens to witness the struggles and nasty side of their parent’s life will change hopeful things. She feels the new land may be the start of a positive turning point in their lives.

Leni’s mom Cora is willing to do everything to ensure her family survives this phase, even if it means following her husband to this unknown land. She also does this because she loves her husband and is willing to support him.

Initially, Alaska seems to be the land they prayed for, but the couple comes in contact with strong men and stronger women.  

In this fantastic piece, which portrays human weakness and strength, Kristin Hannah shows the undefeatable character of; the modern American creator and the spirit of disappearing. 

It depicts the place as a place of irresistible beauty and danger. You can read a lot about love, loss, and the fight for survival in this beautiful book.

      4. The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak

This book by Markus Zusak is a story centered around cruelty, poverty, and hope. In the story, the protagonist is Liesel Meminger, a young girl just nine years old and has been placed in foster care by her mom.

Liesel loses her brother on the road to their new home, leaving her in a traumatized state. This makes her have these horrible nightmares. Her foster dad is kind and teaches her how to read at night to keep her distracted.

Reading becomes her escape; her comfort becomes short-lifted when the war breaks out. With all the on-going traumatic events around her, she starts stealing books to read so she can deal with all the traumatic experiences. 

The book depicts how strong the human spirit is, and finding something that can help one deal with anxiety is a significant step. 

    5. The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

This beautiful piece centers around Mary Lennox, who is traumatized after her parents’ demise during a cholera epidemic. She did not grow up in a home filled with love as her parents were selfish, neglectful, and a pleasure-seeking couple.

Mary, who is haunted by her past, becomes rude, stubborn, and has temper tantrums. With the aid of her strict disciplinarian uncle, she starts seeing another side of life.  

The book has many charming characters, focuses on spirituality, and the excellent role childhood emotions and memories have on us.

     6. The Old Man and The Sea by Ernest Hemingway

This book depicts a community of fishermen who go out fishing daily to sell and make money to look after their families. Amongst these fishermen, we have Santiago, who is never lucky when it comes to fishing.

On one of their escapades, Santiago succeeds in catching the biggest fish he has ever seen but loses his catch to sharks who attack them on their way back and eats his fish. Santiago finally comes back with just the scales of his net but is still very grateful.

The book talks about persistence, contentment, and perseverance is displayed through Santiago’s main character.

    7. The Road by Cormac McCarthy

The Road talks about life as a journey. It shows the future of a father and son who have no hope but are bonded by love. With this love, they can overcome all their struggles. 

It depicts the worst and best days people face in life; destruction, trials, struggles, and the love that keeps two people together as they overcome all their challenges. It also talks about family love as one which never gets old or broken.

Many good readers secretly aspire to be writers themselves. If you are considering a career in writing, you probably need to enhance your writing skills to gain some confidence. 

Books never get old because you can’t get enough of learning and inspiration from stories. 

We hope you like reading the books listed above on your next flight and beyond. 

Most books help in building emotions positively and encourage a brighter future. A good reading culture helps to enrich people in different aspects of life. 

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