3 Important Life Lessons To Learn From Buddhist Sadhguru

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If you haven’t heard of Sadhguru, then I would highly encourage you to check him out on Youtube. He’s a practical enlightened yogi, who speaks about a variety of lessons that will change your life. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is a multi-facet personality; he is a famous philanthropist, spiritual leader, and author. He works indefatigably for creating harmony between body mind and spirit.

Whether you are battling with your emotions or with your friends, or whether you feel disconnected to the core of your being, Sadhguru can definitely change your mindset for the better with a few simple words. Through him, you realize that most of the things we trivialize in our day-to-day lives, such as what you do before sleeping, are important.

Here are five important lessons to learn from Sadghuru:

  1. The power of individuality

On many occasions, Sadhguru preaches the power of remaining true to yourself in all that you do. He says that he loves spending time alone because he is at his best when he is alone. He says that when he is alone it’s easier to not make a mess of himself. In today’s world, some of us suffer from escapism where we hardly ever want to be left on our own, with our minds. So we constantly search for distraction, whether it be music or people or physical things to do. To Sadhguru, this isn’t right. In fact, to him, if one enjoys being alone it means that they are far better organized psychologically and emotionally. He criticizes the world today where people want to share everything, including going to the toilet or eating breakfast.

“There is a phenomenon of life within you which is far bigger than the entertainment you have.”

  1. The power of the mind

Sadhguru keeps referring to the power of the mind. In one of his videos, he talks about detachment from your emotions. He says emotions and energies are all personal decisions. Your intellect functions on the limited data that you have gathered. “If you go by your emotion you may do something beautiful but you may get tangled up in all sorts of things because emotions are not independent of the intellect.”

He also speaks emphasizes the importance of sieving your thoughts because if not you may end up with ‘mental diarrhoea.’ Mental diarrhoea makes you identify some thoughts as negative when they are simply just thoughts. The only thing negative about thoughts is that they happen unconsciously.

“Something that is not true which you fight and win, you have really lost.”


  1. The power of silence

The world today is cluttered, there’s no doubt about that. If it isn’t hawkers yelling in the streets, it’s children screaming in the compound. If it’s not that, it is music playing in the background, or the sound of a car driving. Silence has become rarer and rarer.

As such the more we tune into this noise and ‘forget’ what it means to be conscious, the further we are from our core. Sadhguru says that silence is not just what it looks like on the surface, but rather it is moving from compulsiveness to consciousness. All sounds represent different dimensions of compulsiveness, and when one chooses consciousness he naturally chooses to become silent.

In perhaps one of his most beautiful videos, Sadhghuru says, ‘Silence is a space which is beyond creation and creator, a dimension which is beyond life and death.’ The goal is not to keep turning silent but to naturally become more conscious in life. You are able to stop holding on to insignificant things because you can see beyond them. This helps you to focus on what really matters in life.

“Speech is of the society. Words are of the mind. Sounds are of nature. The soundless is of the beyond.”

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