7 Things That Will Kill Your Sex Drive

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Sex doesn’t always come naturally to some people. In fact, a study showed that at least 43% of women and 31% of men experience some kind of sexual dysfunction. Though it’s nothing to be embarrassed about, having a low sex drive shouldn’t be taken lightly either. It could be a sign of other underlying issues. There are some common contributing factors to low sex drive such as medication, chronic illness, and fatigue. However, the reasons can be many, and sometimes, it could be something you would never have thought. Here are some unusual things that kill your sex drive.

  1. Dehydration

Yes, drinking enough water could boost your sex life. Dehydration leads to a number of issues that affect things in the bedroom such as vaginal dryness and headaches. Make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day and maybe drink an extra glass of water an hour before having sex. Drinking water can make a huge difference in your sex life. 7 Tricks For Keeping Yourself Hydrated Every Day

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  1. Clutter

There’s a reason why your boyfriend from back in the day used to do a quick clean-up before you visited him. It’s hard to get in the mood when you’re surrounded by clutter. Whether it’s dirty dishes, piles of clothes, or an untidy room, these things tend to distract you and drain your energy making it difficult to get intimate. Try to keep your space as clean as possible. Additionally, if you have any items that have heavy memories around the house, keep them away. 8 Tips On Bedroom Organization

  1. Diet

Just as there are foods that increase your sex drive, there are foods that lower it. Some foods simply affect the way you smell and taste thus killing the mood in the bedroom. However, other foods have a bigger impact. For instance, some studies suggest that soy-based foods may lower testosterone and sperm count which leads to a low sex drive. Also too much alcohol,  sugar and salt, some vegetable oils and foods high in saturated fats will affect your sex drive. If you want to boost your libido, you can try some of these aphrodisiacs.

Angry couple in bed. Image from https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2016/11/30/go-to-bed-angry_n_13325962.html
  1. Relationship Issues

Relationship issues might have a bigger effect on your well-being than you think. They can make it tough for partners, especially women, to get in the mood. Whether you’re dealing with a current relationship issue or a past issue, it’s necessary to resolve it in order to enjoy intimacy again. If you’re in a long-term relationship, try to keep things spicy in and out of the bedroom. Remember that communication is important in a relationship so be honest about your sex life with your partner. Here are 6 Things Women Worry About In Bed

  1. Technology

You should leave all kinds of tech gadgets out of the bedroom unless you plan on having a romantic movie night in bed. Phones and laptops are not only a distraction from your partner but also affect your quality of sleep. This, in turn, leads to fatigue and loss of sexual desire. Try to have some quality, alone-time with your partner every night before bed. This will help strengthen the bond making you feel more attracted to them. Love in a time of Social media – 5 ways to bring back intimacy into relationships

  1. Eating Late

If you’re in the habit of eating a heavy meal during the night, it may affect your sex life. Late-night snacking can cause rapid weight gain which not only causes physical problems but also affects your self-confidence. Additionally, it’s hard to get in the mood when you’re feeling stuffed. Ensure you have your meals early and keep the dinner light on those special occasions. You can always have a meal afterwards.

  1. Cold Weather

Cold months may be the “baby-making” season but it can have negative effects on some people. You may notice a difference in your sex drive during cold months compared to hot months. Generally, cold weather is a mood killer. People tend to suffer from mental health issues more during the cold season. Additionally, low exposure to sunlight can decrease a man’s testosterone levels making him lose his libido.

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