The Singlehood Series: He Went On A Blind Date And Had Dinner With The Wrong Girl

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Last year was a difficult year but it was particularly hard for Alex. He had just gone through a bad breakup with his longtime girlfriend who cheated on him with one of his friends. When he got back in the dating game, he went on a blind date with the wrong girl.

Alex had always been a shy, introverted guy but he was charming around women. Somehow, they found his quiet, mysterious demeanour attractive. When word got around in the office that he was single, it didn’t take long for him to get a date.

One of his work friends, Daniel, decided to set him up with his sister. She had also recently gone through a breakup and he thought they’d get along very well. The only problem was that the two were like yin and yang. Daniel’s sister was fiery and sassy. She had a strong personality and was always the one who made the first move. So, when Daniel gave Alex her number she wasn’t very happy about it.

An argument ensued almost immediately after Alex contacted her.

“I don’t normally do hookups.” She responded to Alex’s text.

“I understand. So, why don’t I take you out on a real date then?”

“Who said I wanted to go on a date?”

“Well, do you?” he asked.

“Maybe. I’ll think about it,” she replied.

Despite her sassiness, Alex kept pursuing her. They kept in contact over the phone and with time, she warmed up to him. Their conversations became friendlier and it seemed like he had a chance with her. However, she still wasn’t ready to go on a date.

“What do I do, Daniel? I think I’ve asked her out over ten times.” He opened up to her brother.

“Just give her time, She’s usually like that. But I’ll try to talk to her.”

Whatever Daniel said to her must have worked because the next time the pair talked, she agreed to go on a date. In fact, she’s the one who asked him out. He didn’t mind it. At that point, he was used to her taking charge. After weeks of texting and calling, he finally got a yes from her. That’s all that really mattered to him.

She suggested a dinner date at a high-end restaurant in town which he happily agreed. He called the restaurant immediately to make reservations then called her back and gave her the date. They both seemed eager to see each other in person given that none of them had any idea what the other looked like. Alex was a bit old school and wanted the first time he saw her to be in person. However, her brother described her vaguely to him and she fit his type; toned physique, chocolate brown skin, and full lips.

He spent the rest of the week fantasizing about his date and imagining what she would look like in person.

“I bet she has that slim-thick body.” He told one of his workmates. They both laughed.

“Haven’t you seen her?”


“Not even a picture?”

“Nope. I don’t want to ruin the moment. Besides, we get along so well so her looks don’t really matter that much to me.” Alex replied.

“Well, I heard she’s quite beautiful.”

“I heard that too.” He said with a smile.

The week seemed to drag itself. Alex was having problems at work which took all his attention. But it was Friday and at last, he could kick back for the weekend. The date was the following day so that night he texted her to make sure she was still on.

“Date night tomorrow. Are we still on?”

“Of course. I actually bought my dress today.” She replied.

“Great. I can’t wait to see you.”

He started getting ready two hours to the date. Within an hour, he was done and already headed to the restaurant. The two talked one last time when he directed her to where he was seated. After waiting for almost two hours, a woman who fit his date’s description walked by his table and looked at him. She was carrying her purse so Alex thought that was his date.

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“Hi, Sarah.” He greeted her.

She didn’t look exactly as he had imagined but she was still pretty. He pulled out a chair and welcomed her. She hadn’t said a word still which he found unusual since she was quite chatty on the phone. However, he assumed she was nervous.

“I hope you didn’t have too much trouble getting here.”

“No,” she replied.

“You took a bit long.”

They exchanged an awkward glare before being interrupted by the waiter. He took their order then left the pair to resume their conversation. However, there was dead silence until the waiter came back again with their food. The lady didn’t speak the entire evening then got up and left as soon as she was done with her meal.

“See you around.” He tried to say before she walked off.

He cleared the bill then checked his phone. It was only then that he thought to call Sarah and confirm whether he had met the right person. She didn’t answer her phone and the pair didn’t speak to each other until Monday.

Everyone at the office was eager to know how the date went.

“It was okay. She was a bit quiet though which was unusual for her.”

As he described his date, Daniel walked in and joined the conversation.

“I’m just telling the guys about my date with your sister.”

“My sister? She’s been at my parents’ house the whole weekend. They needed help hosting a party.”

What??” Alex asked, visibly puzzled. “Then who did I go on a date with?”

He excused himself from the conversation then called Sarah.

“You didn’t show up to our date,” he said trying to stay calm.

“Yea, sorry.”

Why didn’t you call to tell me you couldn’t make it?”

“I felt bad cancelling out on you. So, I thought if I just didn’t show up you’d think something urgent had happened and you wouldn’t be so disappointed.”

“Do you know I had dinner with a complete stranger?”

“What? How does that happen?”

“I don’t know but it happened.”

“I’m sorry but there’s nothing I can do now.”

The two finally went on a real date and it was just as disastrous as the fake date. This time, it was Alex who didn’t say a word. They quickly learned that they weren’t compatible at all and decided to remain friends.

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