The Singlehood Series: Would She Give Him A Chance Even Though He Was Not Her Type?

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Growing up, Karen knew exactly the type of guy she would end up with: extremely tall, dark, and ‘medium ugly.’ She didn’t like pretty boys, she said she felt as though they would be competing, and that people would think he was prettier than her. This was one of her biggest fears.

As fate would have it, the pattern in the guys who she would go out with fit her criteria. They ticked her boxes, and if they didn’t, she would not even think of going on a first date with them. But that was just the kind of personality she had. She was fixed in her ways, and changing her mind would be a task.

That’s what she thought until she met Kevin. They met in university, and since at the time she didn’t exactly have friends, she befriended him. He was just as reserved as she was, and he barely spoke. However, she noticed that he spoke to her alone, and truth be told, it soothed her ego.

Karen and Kevin spent almost all their time together. It was almost obvious that they would date, they would either be together or on their own. In fact, rumours had already started spreading that the two of them were in a relationship. They would go on dates and spend a lot of time together.

When Karen got to school the first thing she’d do is look for him. “Where are you?” She would ask. When he answered her, she’d head in that direction.

Four years passed, and they graduated. Then, one day, when they were drunk, he confessed his love.

“I felt this way for a long time, but I was just scared to tell you. I love you Karen, and not just as a friend. I have always loved you,” he said.

Although Karen acted surprised deep down she always felt that their bond was stronger than that of a friendship. They talked about everything, deep things and shallow things. They could move from discussing a comedy show to the history of America.

The only problem was that Karen could not accept that she had always had a specific guy in mind. Her friends ridiculed her and this didn’t help the situation. She had pictured her dream man, and he looked nothing like Kevin who was light-skinned, short and had the most beautiful dimples.

With time, however, she realized that this is the guy she loved and wanted to be with.  Though she had visualized a different life with a different type of guy, Kevin was the guy she had fallen for. She loved every minute she spent with him, and in the end, she could not imagine dating any other guy.

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