7 Common Reasons Why People Get A Divorce

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Getting divorced can be a traumatizing experience yet so many people go through it. However, it’s comforting to know that you’re not alone. In most cases, there are common circumstances that push couples to seek divorce. From infidelity, money issues, and incompatibility, here are some common reasons why people get divorced.

  1. Incompatibility

During the dating stage, people tend to overlook a lot of things and assume their partner will change with time. However, reality hits them that they have nothing in common with their partner. Even if the marriage started in total harmony, things change with time. It’s necessary to ensure that you and your partner are on the same page. It’s also good to share similar interests to maintain your bond as a couple. 8 Reasons Couples Should Travel Together

  1. Money

Lack of money or poor financial management in the household can lead to a lot of disputes. In fact, this is one of the leading causes of divorce. Financial disputes mainly happen when one partner loses their source of income or is struggling to get a job. Due to such strains, the relationship can experience a breakdown leading to divorce. Money: 7 Financial Issues In Marriage That Could Lead To Divorce

Couples can, however, work things out by making a budget that suits their current situation. Being honest with your partner about your financial struggles can also lessen the pressure. 7 Budgeting Tips For Newlyweds

Couples And Money: How To Navigate The Minefield Of Marital Finances

  1. Lack Of Commitment

Once the honeymoon phase is over, the cracks in the relationship start to show. Some spouses tend to slack in making an effort. The dates become fewer, they stop showing affection, and generally, stop making their marriage a priority. The couple may drift apart and eventually, one may opt to get divorced than live in such an environment. It’s necessary to have some alone time as a couple regardless of how busy life becomes. Schedule some days in the week when you can spend quality time with each other.

Divorce agreement. Image from https://lovebondings.com/divorce-agreement-sample
  1. Health Problems

Despite vowing to stand by them “through sickness and in health”, many marriages end in divorce due to health problems. It’s never easy when a spouse experiences this. Apart from financial strain, health problems can affect intimacy in the relationship. Some spouses may feel like they’ve taken up more than they signed up for in the caregiver position. This can lead to resentment, stress, and grief prompting a divorce. Who Takes Care Of The Caregivers Of Chronically Ill Patients?

  1. Abuse

Any spouse who experiences emotional, physical or financial abuse should leave the marriage. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case and at times, the spouse leaves when things have escalated. If your partner abuses you once, he/she is capable of doing it again. Marriage counselling may work in some situations. However, if the abuse affects your physical and mental wellbeing, it’s best to get divorced. You should never stay in an abusive marriage for whatever reason. 5 Signs You’re Experiencing Financial Abuse In Your Relationship

  1. Infidelity

Infidelity might be one of the leading causes of divorce but it’s also one of the least problematic. Many couples seek other solutions before resorting to divorce. Nonetheless, cheating can lead to divorce especially when it happens on multiple occasions. It breaks the trust in the relationship and the other spouse can feel neglected emotionally. 5 Reasons Why Women Cheat

  1. Retirement

Most people imagine a blissful retirement with their partner by their side but in reality, retirement isn’t all rosy. Spending too much time together can be boring and monotonous. Additionally, the couple may realize that they don’t want to spend their golden years with each other leading to a divorce. After retirement, ensure that you maintain your individuality and do your own thing. This is the best way to ensure that retirement doesn’t take a toll on your marriage. 6 Hacks To Transition Into Retirement

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