A Guide On Purchasing A Realistic Looking E Cigarette


More people are now shifting towards smokeless tobacco options. Research shows that using a realistic-looking e cigarette can help chain smokers quit their smoking habit. E-cigarettes are also considered safer compared to traditional cigarettes.

The research about the safety of e cigarettes is still ongoing. However, some former smokers say that using a vape that looks like a cigarette helped them quit smoking for good. There are also other forms of smokeless tobacco options in the market such as nicotine patches and gums.

In this guide, we will look at how a realistic-looking e-cigarette works. We will also highlight its benefits and some of the cons. In a nutshell, this guide will discuss everything in a neutral tone about electronic cigarettes.

What Is a Realistic Looking E-Cigarette?

E cigarette is short for electronic cigarettes. Most electronic cigarettes have three major parts: an atomizer, a mouthpiece, and a cartridge. The devices are battery-powered and produce vapor, which the user inhales.

Electronic cigarettes come in various designs. If you visit vape shops, you will come across a cigarette shaped vape and other funky designs. You can even have a custom-made vape although it might cost more than the standard designs.

The cartridge of a realistic-looking ePuffer e cigarette is filled with vape fluid, also known as e-juice. The vape juice is available in various flavors. The most common flavors are strawberry and vanilla. E-juices also contain other additives such as THC, CBD oil, or tobacco.

In a realistic looking e cigarette, the atomizer warms up the e-juice, producing vapor. The user then inhales the vapor via the mouthpiece. The cartridge can be refilled once the e-juice is finished. Unfortunately, early editions of vapes didn’t have replaceable cartridges. This meant that users had to buy a new e-cigarette after the e-juice was consumed.

Benefits of Vapes and Electronic Cigarettes

A realistic-looking e cigarette has some benefits over traditional cigarettes. Even though scientific research is still ongoing, e-cigarettes are viewed as the better option. First, they do not emit harmful chemicals as no combustion happens.

Second, users can control the amount of nicotine they want in their e-juice. This is always a benefit, especially for those who are trying to cure their addiction. You can also choose to vape pure e-juice without any nicotine, THC, or CBD oils.

As mentioned earlier, e-cigarettes do not emit any harmful chemicals into the environment. Any vape that looks like a cigarette warms the e-juice releasing vapor only. The e-juice is manufactured using natural ingredients that are not harmful to the vaper’s respiratory system.

Bottom Line

Vaping can be considered a much safer option compared to smoking. However, there are some health risks involved, primarily when used by young teens. Research shows that vaping can affect brain development in teenagers. Using cigarette shaped vape can also trigger other addictions in young teenagers.

Ensure that you buy your vaping equipment from authorized sellers. Remember that vapes can cause burns if not used or handled as required.

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