5 Ways To Maintain The Neatness And Cleanliness Of Your Braids

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Braids are a great protective style. Not only do they keep your hair tucked away for a while, but they’re also low maintenance and easy to style. It’s no wonder that they’re so popular in the world today.

The issue is that after four or five weeks your braids may start to become untidy. The braids pull away from the roots of your scalp, and there is product build-up. This makes the hair look untidy and dirty. You may still want to keep your braids in for some time because redoing them is expensive and time-consuming. Here are a few ways of maintaining the neatness and cleanliness of braids:

  1. Sleep with a bonnet or scarf

Sleeping with a bonnet or a scarf on the head is not only good for your hair, but also for maintaining your braids. Satin headscarves work best. They allow the hair to breathe, keep the hair moisturized, don’t cause friction, and improve the longevity of braids. Scarves will even keep your hair in place making it more comfortable to sleep at night, and while doing so, you are able to keep the braids intact for a longer period. Fashion: 8 Ways To Style A Head Wrap

  1. Moisturize your braids

When braids start to lose their shine, they start looking old and untidy. Instead of taking them down, why not moisturize them? Consider using natural moisturizers such as like coconut oil, almond oil, shea butter, olive oil, argan oil, etc. These help to prevent the scalp from drying up, keeping the hair’s elasticity, preventing breakage, and keeping its sheen.

  1. Consider using dry shampoo

After some time, oil and dirt tend to clump up at the root of the braids and make them look dirty. The only way to get rid of this kind of dirt is by using shampoos. If you don’t want to go through the stress of wetting your braids and waiting hours for them to dry, then you should consider using dry shampoo which provides a water-free option for cleansing.  The product absorbs excess sebum and other oils from your roots, freshen up the rest of your hair and leaves it smelling fresher.

  1. Wash your braids

A lot of people are against washing braids because it seems like a cumbersome option. However, it is an extremely effective method. It can push you through another two or so weeks. To make the process easier, part and wash your hair in sections. You may also consider using an applicator bottle that releases the product in one direction and in little amounts. Wash your braids from the root of your hair, and then go on to the length of the braids. Make sure to let your hair dry completely or else it will end up smelling dry and unpleasant.

  1. Lay your edges

Over time your hairline may start to grow out making your braids look untidy. To deal with this use edge control or even regular gel to lay these hairs down. This makes your hair look much neater and more presentable. Laying your edges can make your hair look newer than it was before then. Make sure that you do this gently so as not to destroy the hairline. Lastly, remember not to use gel on dry hair since it may dry it out further. Spray some water first.

However, even as you try to extend the lifespan of your braids, remember that it is not advisable to keep them in for more than 8 weeks. If you do, all of the moisturizer and conditioners you’ve been applying over time will build up, causing some serious knots. These can eventually lead to hair loss when you finally take them down.

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