Travel: 10 Pros And Cons Of Staying In An Airbnb

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Airbnb rentals have soared in popularity among travellers and people looking for alternative accommodation options. They offer lots of perks that you may not get while staying at a hotel which has made them as popular as they are today. However, there are some downsides to such kinds of rentals. Here are some pros and cons of staying in an Airbnb.


  1. You Get Lots Of Privacy

Whether you book an entire house or a single room, you get more privacy than you would in a hotel room. You hardly encounter other people in an Airbnb since there are fewer people around you. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about noisy people in the next room which are usually out of your control in hotel rooms.

  1. There Are Unique Options

One of the reasons people love Airbnbs is because of the many unique options. You can find all kinds of accommodation from treehouses, castles, or cosy cabins. Additionally, since Airbnbs have different owners, they have different décor that gives them a unique and personal feel. This is appealing to most people since it makes your stay more interesting.

  1. You Get Value For Your Money

Airbnb was created for people who want accommodation on a budget. At times, you simply need a bed for the night and don’t want to spend thousands on a pricey hotel room. You can book an Airbnb that suits your budget and save the extra costs. It’s also convenient for long-term travellers since hotel rooms can run up a huge bill. Lessons From Traveling On A Budget

  1. They Are More Flexible

You can find an Airbnb for almost any need. If you need a big house to host all your friends or family members, you will get one. Therefore, you won’t have to book multiple rooms and organize different venues to host your parties. Additionally, most Airbnbs offer self-catering services. This makes it more convenient for people with a special diet or those who simply prefer to cook their own meals.

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  1. Some Hosts Are Not Pleasant

You may assume that every Airbnb host is friendly and ready to make you feel right at home. This isn’t always the case. Some people have had horrible experiences dealing with an Airbnb host. Some hosts are simply not as social as expected. However, in extreme cases, hosts can be rude and hostile which can ruin your stay.

  1. They Get Booked Fast

Due to their popularity, Airbnbs get booked really fast. Therefore, if you need accommodation urgently, you might have to settle for a lower quality room or book a pricier hotel room. It’s important to book as soon as you start planning your trip in order to avoid this inconvenience.

  1. They Are Less Safe

Most people feel comfortable leaving their valuables in their hotel room (with a safe) which isn’t always the case with Airbnbs. Since different people have access to the place you’re staying, it might pose a security risk. Additionally, some Airbnbs are located in relatively unsafe areas compared to most hotels.

  1. Some Lack The Necessities

Some Airbnb hosts don’t offer even the bare necessities such as toiletries and cooking utensils. This can be super frustrating especially if they don’t let you know before booking. Additionally, some may delay in restocking such necessities when they run out. To be on the safer side, try to pack a few toiletries in case you don’t find any at your Airbnb.

9. You Don’t Always Get What You See

Since bookings are done online, some Airbnb hosts tend to lie about how their property really looks like. You may book an Airbnb expecting it to look like a 5-star hotel only to find it’s poorly maintained. Some even use images of other properties and advertised them as their own. To avoid this kind of situation, make sure you read the reviews before booking.

10. You May Incur Additional Charges

Some hosts may require guests to pay an additional service fee on top of the booking fee to cater for customer support. They may also charge you for any damaged property during your stay. These costs can add up making your Airbnb more expensive than staying in a hotel room.

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