8 Safety Tips For Surviving Nairobi’s CBD

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Walking in Nairobi’s CBD is no mean feat. Almost every day we hear stories of people saying that they were robbed, assaulted, or conned. Sometimes victims are even drugged so that they can comply with the perpetrators. The area is usually crowded, and as such, you can’t afford to trust everyone because more often than not they don’t all have good intentions. It’s actually best to assume that everyone else is the bad guy, and in doing so, you will save yourself a lot.

Even knowing all this, there are times when Nairobi’s CBD provides the best solutions to our problems. Other times we have no choice but to go there. Here are some of the tips and hacks to survive Nairobi’s CBD without falling prey to being a victim:

  1. Walk fast and confidently

In Nairobi’s CBD, sometimes there may be perpetrators spotting those who aren’t sure about their whereabouts. This makes you an easy target for robbery because they can easily lie to you and manipulate your way of thinking, then steal from you. Walking briskly gives you an advantage. It makes you look like you know what you’re doing and where you are going.

  1. Don’t talk to strangers, unless you must

Growing up this was one of the biggest lessons that we were all taught. You can never trust strangers. It’s best to assume that everyone is a thief. Too often we have heard stories of conmen who are well dressed and speak clean English. Don’t be deceived by a person’s physical appearance or the way they talk. If they are a stranger, don’t talk to them. Keep it moving.

  1. Keep your car windows rolled up

No matter how hot it is, you might want to keep your windows rolled up. Because many times, thieves are able to divert your attention to something else, and while at it they grab your belongings through open windows. The worst part is that before you realize it your goods are gone, and you can’t do anything about it. You are much safer using an air conditioner if it gets too hot. If you’re using public transport then persevere through the heat.

  1. Know who to ask for directions

If you are unfamiliar with where your bearings, don’t just ask random passers-by for directions. Look for a well-known shop, get in, and ask the receptionist for help. Alternatively, you can ask the guards at the door of the shop. Asking strangers for directions can easily make them spot you as an easy target.

  1. Hold your bag firmly

There have been many stories where people’s bags are snatched right from their hands and the thieves ran away. In other situations, the robbers cut the victims’ bag straps using scissors. Both ways, you may want to hold your bag itself as firmly as you possibly can.

  1. Keep your electronics away

Don’t walk around with your electronics in shallow pockets. Thieves can see them, and they can detect you as an easy target. If possible, always carry a bag and zip your electronics in the side pocket. Even if someone calls you, it can wait. Keep it away until you’re at a safer place then return the call.

  1. Avoid alleys

While alleys may provide shortcuts to your destination, they are sometimes secluded. This makes it easy for the thieves to follow you knowing that even if they do get caught they can run away easily. Again, the chances of them getting caught are limited where there are fewer people. So no matter how much of a hurry you are in, avoid alleys.

  1. Suspect everyone

Like I said above, thieves don’t always look like thieves. Just because someone sounds friendly, looks friendly, educated, or even wealthy doesn’t mean they are. There’s a reason they are called con-men. They find ways to manipulate you into thinking that they are legitimate people. If someone starts a conversation with you, ignore them. If they ask for your help, politely decline, or better yet, ignore them. If you don’t know who is trustworthy, it’s better to trust nobody but yourself. You need to be careful because you can be drugged in seconds and not know it. Scopolamine: The Mind Control Pill Used To Facilitate Crime In The Streets Of Nairobi

How I Was Conned In Nairobi

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