Beauty: 7 Lip Liner Tricks For Fuller Lips

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Fuller lips are an attractive feature that many want. They accentuate your face giving you a seductive look. However, everyone isn’t blessed with full lips naturally. If you’re one of them, a lip liner can help you create an illusion of a full pout.  This once underrated product has become a staple for makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts. Here are some lip liner tricks that can give you fuller lips.

  1. Apply Concealer Around Your Lips

Applying concealer hides your natural lip line which makes it easier to line slightly outside your lips. Dot some concealer to the outer edges of your lips then blend it with a concealer brush. Use a sharp lip liner to draw slightly outside your natural lip line then fill it in with a matching lipstick. Make sure that the line is well defined to create a realistic-looking lip line. You can clean up any smudges using concealer.

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  1. Use Contrasting Shades

This is one of the best ways to create a fuller pout using lip liners. The contrasting shades highlight your lips more making them look naturally bigger. Use a slightly darker lip liner first and apply to your cupid’s bow and the middle of the bottom lip. Blend it with a lighter shade then apply lipstick or lip gloss.

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  1. Use A Nude Lip Liner

You should have a nude lip liner in your makeup arsenal to keep your lips looking fresh and full. Whether you want to rock a no-makeup look or a glam look, a nude lip liner is a must-have. You can use it to create a subtle outline of your lips and make them pop. Look for a shade that matches your natural lip colour to achieve this look. Tips For A Natural Makeup Look

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  1. Overdraw Your Lips

This was a popular look back in the 90s but it made a comeback recently as a makeup hack to achieve fuller lips. However, you have to be careful not to look ridiculous since it’s easy to go overboard. For starters, your liner should match our lipstick shade. Then, start by outlining your outer corners making your way to the middle. Mark an X on your cupid’s bow then fill in the rest of your lips. Makeup: 7 Tips To Wear Bold Lipstick Colours

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  1. Intensify Your Lipstick

You can make your lips look pouty by creating more focus on them using a pigmented liner. Once you apply your lipstick, apply a dark lip liner on your lip border. Most people use a dark brown liner since it’s closest to their natural skin tone. This hack not only gives you a full pout but also refines the shape giving you more definition.

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  1. Use A Liner With A Creamy Texture

Creamy lip liners look more natural and apply easier. Therefore, you’ll have crispier lines which are important in creating a realistic-looking pout. To prevent a smudgy liner, warm it up before using it. rub it in between your palms for a few minutes then use it. You should also avoid using extremely sharp lip liners.

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  1. Dark Your Lip Corners

Marking your lip corners can make your lips look fuller. It’s a great way to accentuate your lips for an evening look since it can be a bit intense for the daytime. Once you apply your lipstick, take a black lip liner and apply it to the corners of your lips then use a lip brush to blend it. It should create a shadowy look that fades as you go inwards.

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