Book Review: How Dare The Sun Rise

How dare the sun rise

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a war child? To see people killing each other and dying, as though lives are objects that can just be demolished? How Dare The Sun Rise is an extremely interesting book that will take you through a myriad of emotions, mostly sad ones. Just when you think it’s almost over and you start to get hopeful, it happens once again.

How Dare The Sun Rise centres around the life of a girl called Sandra Uwiringiyimana, who lived both in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in Burundi. At only ten years old, Sandra and her family experienced the Gatumba Massacre. They were Burundians but constantly mistaken for a nationality which they were not. This meant that at any given point they could be perceived as the enemy in war. As such, terror struck them at a refugee camp in Gatumba.

In the book How Dare The Sun Rise, Sandra Uwiringiyimana and her family, thanks to the United Nations, are flown off to the United States of America in search of a ‘better life.’ However, what she meets is the opposite. She encounters racism, social issues, culture shock, and mental health issues. As if this is not enough, one of her family members falls ill, which causes them mental and emotional turmoil. If you successfully finish this book without shedding a few tears then you are definitely one of the strong ones.

In what seems like a happy ending, Sandra finds a way to tell the story of the Gatumba Massacre which helps her greatly in her healing process. Her story is amplified so much so that she gets to meet the former first family of the United States, Barrack, and Michelle Obama.

How Dare The Sun Rise reveals the admirable way in which Sandra gave a voice to her people and made it known what had happened at the Gatumba Massacre in 2004.

This book is easy to read, with an inviting large font and well-spaced lines. It is easy on the eyes and should not take you more than two weeks to read. It has 287 pages which will grab your full attention as you go through and understand the different emotions in the book. It’s captivating, and an all in all wonderful learning experience. If you are looking to expand your history about the war in Africa, and specifically in Congo and Burundi, then I would strongly advise you to add How Dare The Sun Rise to your To Be Read (TBR) list.

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