Fashion: 6 Tips To Dress An Hourglass Figure

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Knowing how to dress your body type is essential in order to look stylish. Women have a wide range of body types which are all beautiful. However, one of the most desirable yet challenging to dress is the hourglass figure. The defined waist might look good but it’s not always a breeze to find the right outfits to flatter this shape. Some clothes, especially casual outfits, might not look flattering when someone with an hourglass figure wears them. Therefore, women with this body type have to find what works and what doesn’t work for them. Here are some tips on how to dress an hourglass figure whether you have this body type or want to find outfits that give you an hourglass shape.

  1. Focus On Your Curves

Some women with an hourglass figure may want to hide their curves in order to look modest or not to draw too much attention to themselves. In the process, they end up wearing clothes that don’t suit their body type. You can still rock clothes that accentuate your curves and look modest. Luckily, there are many clothes designed to accentuate the waist. Wrap dresses and A-line dresses hug the hips nicely while still looking decent.

  1. Find The Right Bra

Bras play a crucial role in how your clothes fit you. Therefore, you should always wear the right bra for your body type. Whether you have a full or small bust, a well-fitting bra is a must. If you have a fuller bust, go for bras with underwire to offer better support. If you want to enhance your bust size, a push-up bra will do the trick and give you an hourglass shape. 7 Types Of Bras Women Should Know About

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  1. Peplum Is Your Friend

Peplum is one of the best styles for an hourglass figure. Since you have a well-defined waist, peplum highlights this feature even more. It’s also a good way to give an illusion of wider hips if you’re trying to get the hourglass look. When choosing a peplum outfit, you should keep your bust size in mind. The bigger the bust, the bigger the peplum. This makes your waist look smaller giving you an hourglass shape. The Staying Power Of The Peplum

A curvy woman in a black dress. Image from
  1. Choose Vertical Prints

Vertical lines create an illusion of a slimmer frame but not for a curvy figure. Additionally, this is one of the best styles for petite women with an hourglass frame since vertical lines make you look taller. If you want to elongate your legs, go for a skirt or pants with vertical lines.

  1. Avoid Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans don’t flatter an hourglass figure since they cling to your legs and make you look heavier. The best jeans for this body type are those with flared or straight legs. Luckily, skinny jeans are going out of fashion and wide-leg jeans are making a comeback. This style looks especially good on a curvy frame as it highlights your hips and creates a good balance. How To Choose The Perfect Jeans For Your Body Type

  1. Maintain A Natural Balance

You may want to emphasize your waist or bust but it’s important to maintain a natural balance while at it. Your clothes should follow your natural curves and flow effortlessly. Avoid clothes that can make you look top-heavy or bottom-heavy. To ensure that your clothes are well balanced, try to wear separates. Wear a top that flatters your bust and a skirt or pants that flatter your hips.

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