Lifestyle: 8 Benefits Of Sleeping Naked

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If you have not been sleeping naked, you should. Here’s why.

1. Fall asleep faster

It takes the average person 7 minutes to fall asleep. You can reduce the time it takes you to fall asleep by sleeping naked. This is because body temperature is significant when it comes to falling asleep and getting naked cools you down which then tells your body it’s time to sleep. Heat exposure actually increases wakefulness.

2. Better sleep quality

Cooling your body not only helps you fall asleep faster but also improves the quality of your sleep. It helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep.  Sleeping naked also improves the sleep quality for women experiencing menopause. It helps them get deeper more restful sleep. Sleeping in a cool environment overall helps improve the quality of sleep.

Poor sleep has been linked to increased stress, anxiety, depression, and even the risk of suicide. Stress has devastating effects on the human body especially when it comes to compromising the immune system. Low sleep duration has been linked to an increased risk of diabetes which can raise your risk of heart disease.

3. Keeps skin healthy

Not getting enough sleep can have a negative effect on your appearance. Your skin becomes more susceptible to wrinkles, drooping, swelling, and dark circles under your eyes. Delayed or reduced sleep also compromises your skin’s ability to heal wounds like cuts and blisters. A study found that people who slept more or received adequate sleep recovered faster from wounds than people who were sleep-deprived. Sleep faster, longer, and deeper naked.

4. Speeds up metabolism

A study found that sleeping naked cools the body and speeds up the body’s metabolism. This means you burn more calories as your body attempts to keep you warm. Sleeping naked for weight loss, who knew?

The fact that sleeping in the nude also improves the quality of sleep has been linked to weight gain and weight loss. People who did not receive an adequate amount of sleep are more likely to gain weight.

5. Promotes vaginal health

Sleeping naked may help keep candida yeast from flourishing in the vagina leading to yeast infections. The risk of yeast infection is increased by inadequate air circulation commonly due to tight underwear or synthetic underwear. Avoid tight or ill-fitting underwear while you sleep. Sleeping naked is a great way to air things out and improve your vaginal health.

6. Increases male fertility

It’s not just for women. Sleeping naked is a great way to keep testicles cool and at an optimal temperature for sperm health. Especially after a long day of confinement in briefs or boxers.

7. Boosts self-esteem

Studies suggest that sleeping naked may improve life satisfaction, body image, and self-esteem. It allows you to get in touch with your body which boosts self-esteem.

8. Improve your relationship

This is not just about increasing the likelihood of sex. Skin-to-skin contact between adults stimulates oxytocin which plays an important role in building attachment between partners. Increased oxytocin reduces stress and improves a person’s general well-being. Sleeping naked and touching your partner is great not just for your relationship but also your health.

Sleeping naked is easy, it’s free, it’s great for your private parts, your overall health and improves the quality of your sleep not to mention how fast you fall asleep. If you haven’t been doing it, tonight’s as good a night as any to start. Night night.

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