7 Ways To Keep Your House Warmer During The Cold Season

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I will never understand people who prefer the cold season to the hot season. It’s harder to dress up in the cold weather, you can easily get sick, and you may even end up feeling less happy. There is scientific evidence that cold gloomy weather affects your mood. A lack of sunlight can cause Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). When exposed to less sunlight, your body produces more melatonin, the hormone which makes you feel sleepy. Just as your body begins craving naps, your brain begins producing lower levels of serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that affects mood. Simply put, SAD can make you feel sad.

For this and other reasons, you may find it necessary to find ways to make your house warmer. Here are 5 ways you should try:

  1. Keep your oven open after cooking

Cooking during the cold season is a great idea because it helps you to warm up due to the different activities. On the days that you choose to use your oven to cook, don’t close it immediately. Instead, let that heat escape and spread across the kitchen and maybe even to the other rooms. Remember to be careful so that you don’t trip over it as you’re walking.

  1. Use rugs in high traffic areas

The cold season can get really cold, and for that reason, you want to keep every body part warm, including your feet. On top of wearing socks, you might want to invest in rugs and carpets especially in high traffic areas. Floors actually account for as much as 10% of heat loss if they’re not insulated, according to the National Energy Foundation (NEF). Those with wooden flooring have to deal with heat loss. Rugs and carpets can help mitigate this and they keep your feet warm.

  1. Rearrange your house

During the cold season, the arrangement of furniture plays a vital role in how heat enters and escapes from the house. Therefore, this may just be the time to rearrange your furniture. Avoid placing large pieces of furniture in front of heaters. The couch or sofa will absorb the heat you want. Sitting by the window can cause radiant heat loss from your body to the glass make you feel cold. To avoid this, make sure your furniture is not in front of a large window or pushed up against an outside wall.

  1. Close unused rooms

If you have any guest rooms or unused rooms, you may want to close them during the cold season. This contains the heat over a smaller surface area. Keeping doors closed will also prevent cold air from moving into the rest of the house and contain the heat you’ve generated in a smaller area.

  1. Shower with the door open

If you have the privilege of living by yourself or having an all-ensuite bedroom, then showering with an open door is a great way to make your house warmer. This will allow warm air to travel through your room or to the entire house. If you don’t mind doing it you can also boil water, put it in a bucket/bowls and let the steam warm up your sitting room. This is the best time to use aromatic oils so that not only is there warmth but also a relaxing scent. 10 Essential Oils That Are Good For Your Health And Wellbeing

    6. Invest in a heater

You might just want to invest in a heater over the cold season. Heaters are great because they warm up your house quickly and efficiently. You can also purchase a small-sized one that is more portable and easy to handle. When buying a heater, consider factors such as the brand, the heater type, the heater capacity, and the energy efficiency of the heater.

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    7. Use thick curtains

To make your house a little warmer over the cold season, you may just want to use thicker curtains. Why? Thick curtains or drapes can help insulate a room. One of the main methods is to reduce the amount of air exchange between a cold window and the rest of the room. Air in a room is always trying to equalize itself. The cold air at a window mixes with the warm air in the rest of the room. Fairly thick curtains have an air barrier to block flow through them.

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