7 Ingredients You Can Add To Your Laundry To Make Work Easier

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If there is anything that domestic housework teaches you, it’s patience. You can’t rush into things otherwise you will do them haphazardly, and the results will be obvious. Doing laundry is one of these things. You learn to be disciplined and patient. It also teaches you organizational skills as you go through the process of categorizing according to colour, washing, drying, folding, and keeping the clothes away.

Here are some secret ingredients that you can add to your laundry to make life easier:

  1. Lemon juice

Lemons are versatile fruits. They help with cooking, cleaning dishes, and even in laundry. A lemon’s organic bleaching magic will brighten your cotton undergarments and remove rust, plus leave them smelling lemony fresh. Just stick to whites when adding lemon juice, since it may bleach some colours. The citric acid in lemons helps to break down stains and get those dingy whites back to bright.

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  1. Baking soda

Baking soda has been used for numerous cleaning processes. On top of this, you can also use it for your laundry. Add it to the clothes to help deodorize your clothes and assorted laundry items. Baking soda is a natural, economical, and safe laundry booster. It will leave your clothes feeling and smelling fresh and clean.

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  1. Salt

Salt can help you with your laundry too! It can be effective in removing certain stains. Clothing with blood stains should be soaked in cold, salt-filled water. If you have a grease stain, on the other hand, cover it with salt, let it absorb the grease, and then brush it away before laundering. Additionally, you can add a dash of salt to the laundry starch to keep the iron from sticking to clothing. This will also give a smooth finish to linens or fine cotton. Have clothes that have running colours? Put salt in water and soak your clothes in it before washing them. Always do this for any clothes that have run.

  1. Mouthwash

Who would have thought that mouthwash can help with laundry? Turns out it can! It’s simple, just toss a cup of sugarless, alcohol-based mouthwash into the regular wash cycle to rid your gym apparel of bacteria and gunk. But it’s not just for gym clothes. Antiseptic mouthwash is an effective option to kill the germs in your laundry.

  1. Vinegar

Vinegar is a must-have in your house, and specifically in the kitchen, It turns out that it can also be used to do laundry. If used to rinse the clothes, it removes the residue of dissolved things and detergents that may be left suspended in the water between the wash and spin cycle when you use the washing machine – 10 Mistakes To Avoid While Using Your Washing Machine. It can loosen soap buildup and prevent it from clinging to your clothes. While vinegar doesn’t usually stain clothes, it is acidic, so you shouldn’t pour it directly onto clothing without first diluting it. Mix 1/2 cup of vinegar with a cup of water before pouring it onto your clothing.

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  1. Essential oils

Essential oils smell great and have numerous health benefits. On top of this, they offer a chemical-free way to fight bacteria, mold, and mildew. Lavender, for example, can help you to achieve this. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil with vinegar or your detergent to prevent mildew buildup and create a pleasant laundry scent. This, however, may cost you some money. The alternative is to lightly spray your clothes with the oil after the wash instead of adding it to the wash.

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  1. Rubbing Alcohol

You read that right! Rubbing alcohol is another magical ingredient that you can add to your laundry. If you’re trying to remove body odour from clothes, spray rubbing alcohol on the smelly spots until they’re saturated. Simply combine one part rubbing alcohol with two parts water in a spray bottle. Spray on any spot or spill on clothes or other fabrics and then launder as usual.

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