The Singlehood Series: Have You Ever Been ‘The Other Woman?’ Here Are Real Life Stories Of Women Who Had To Find Out The Hard Way

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Have you ever been romantically involved with someone thinking that you are the only one, then the universe comes and proves to you that you were wrong all along? Have you ever been the other woman? I’ll tell you for a fact, it’s not a pretty situation. Because love in itself is so complex, that it doesn’t need any extra complications. It’s different if you knew from the start, but the funny thing about being the side chick is that most times you believed wholeheartedly that you were the main and only girl. Few things are as heartbreaking as this.

In Bensoul’s song, he alludes to Nairobi, a city that has long been condemned for infidelity. ‘Yule anakupea, pia ananipea. Akikuletea, ananiletea!’ This loosely translates to, ‘The one giving you, is giving me too. When he brings it to you, he brings it to me too.’  It seems however that it’s not just a thing in Nairobi. In the world all over, infidelity seems to be becoming worse and worse, and many people are slowly losing faith in love.

Let’s take a look at how some women found out that they were clowning their way through a facade of a relationship. Angela was scrolling through her Whatsapp when she found out that she was the other woman. Her boyfriend, at the time, changed his profile picture to that of a beautiful dark-skinned girl and captioned it, “My queen said yes!” He had proposed to another girl when Angela thought that they were in a solid relationship. He didn’t even have the audacity to break up with her first before proposing.

Then there’s Tasha, who was scrolling on her Instagram when she got follow suggestions. There was this girl, whose profile picture was of her and Tasha’s ‘boyfriend’ kissing. She followed the girl, only to find out that they had been together for years. In fact, her boyfriend had been in a relationship with this other girl even before he met Tasha.

Pelesia’s story is probably the scariest. She was pregnant with this guy’s child. Closer to her birth date, she noticed that the guy was becoming distant. The day she gave birth he ‘supposedly panicked’ and didn’t show up at the hospital. She never saw him again. Nine months later, she found out on Facebook that he had another newborn daughter.

But that’s not the only instance of a man abandoning his family for another. Samantha had been dating this guy for two years when she became pregnant. Nine months later, she gave birth and went back home with their newborn daughter. She found messages on his phone flirting with another lady. Turns out, while Samantha was in the hospital giving birth, this guy was busy cheating. When she confronted him, he got angry and asked Samantha to leave with the child.  A few days later, Samantha called the lady he had been flirting with, and she said that he had lied to her that he was not sure if that was his child. He claimed that he and Samantha were just a one-night stand.

Ashley had a miscarriage. Still dealing with the trauma of losing a baby, she learnt that she was the other woman. The guy was unavailable and always making excuses for his absence. In a plot twist, Ashley later came to find out that the guy was taking his other girlfriend to his parent’s house to introduce her to the family. It turns out that it was a whole function that he had been preparing for, and that’s why he was unavailable.

When Yuanita was pregnant, a lady called her randomly and confronted her for being pregnant with her man’s kid. She went ahead to insult Yuanita, calling her a boyfriend thief and even asking her to get rid of the child. She asked the guy if it was true, and recorded him blatantly refusing and denying the accusations. He called Yuanita crazy and claimed he had no idea who she was or what she was talking about. Imagine having to deal with the emotions of being pregnant, and then finding out that your man claims he doesn’t even know you.

These crazy stories have probably led women to do crazy things. Keisha went to her boyfriend’s house one day when he was out on an errand. She entered his wardrobe to get a sweater and found another lady’s clothes. She decided that she would play mind games with him. When he came home, Keisha was in the lady’s clothes, parading herself around the house and acting as though nothing had happened. The guy just had to come clean in the end.

Then there is Karen. She found out that her boyfriend was cheating at his funeral. She learnt at the funeral that their son who was a year old at the time was his fifth child. He also had two other kids after him. He had three different ‘girlfriends’ who all thought that they were the only ones. How tragic.

For years, we have heard stories of women who find out in the cruellest way possible that they are in fact the other women. Such stories might make you run away from love. Getting into a relationship is purely about vulnerability because there is always a possibility that you will end up being a clown. Yet even with all this knowledge, we still go ahead and do it.

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