Lifestyle: 14 Ways To Use Leftover Beer Around The House And For Cooking

Leftover Beer Can Chicken - Chicken Straddling Can of Beer
Leftover Beer Can Chicken - Chicken Straddling Can of Beer Image from

Sometimes you may end up with an opened can of beer in the house. Maybe it may have gone flat and you do not see yourself drinking it or you make some food that you used beer as a marinate and you are not a beer drinker. Don’t toss out that can or bottle out. Here are some ways you can put that leftover beer to good use.

1. Pest-control

As it turns out, human beings and various pests have something in common, they all love beer. So if you have a problem with pests such as flies, mosquitoes, and slugs/snails in your yard, you can put some beer in shallow dishes all around especially near plants that are affected. The pests will be drawn to the beer, drink, and become intoxicated leaving them vulnerable to birds that hunt them. Some will drown in the beer. Either way, no more pesky pests.


2. Stain remover

Beer can be used to remove stains from rugs and carpets. Pour flat beer over tough coffee and tea stains and rub it in. Repeat until discolouration appears for stubborn stains.

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3. Polish wood surface

Pour out some stale suds of beer onto a clean cloth and wipe down your dull wood furniture. Beer will restore colour and add new lustre to your furniture.

4. Remove rust from metal

Beer can loosen rust from hardware, bolts, or metal surfaces. Just apply some beer to the item and wait a few minutes. Carbonation will begin to break down the rust so that you can easily turn the stuck bolt or wipe the rust away.

5. Polish your pots

Next time you have some stubborn stains on your pots and pans, soak them in beer and let them sit for a few minutes. Wash and polish them to a shine.

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If you can eat or in this case drink it, you can probably cook with it. Here are a few great ways to consume leftover beer in your meals

6. In beverages

You can use your leftover beer to make a variety of drinks including beer floats and bloody marys.

7. In dips and condiments

You can make your own beer mustard and BBQ sauce with beer. Beer brings an earthy layer of flavour to barbecue sauce and spicy beer mustard is pretty easy to make and makes a great gift.

8. In your main dishes

There are so many experimental ways to cook with leftover beer. There’s beer can chicken in which you grill a whole chicken mounted on/straddling a half-filled beer can. You can also braise sausages in beer then grill them making them tender with a smoky flavour. Let your imagination run wild and free. Lifestyle: 6 Ways To Cook With Alcoholic Drinks

You can use it to make some awesome pan-fried or grilled pork


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You can use it as a marinade for fish


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9. In soups and stews

You can add leftover beer to virtually any stock- beef, vegetable, chicken- to add a little boozy kick to your stew.

10. In breads and batters

You can use beer to lighten and flavour the batter in fried fish recipes. Also, use leftover beer for super light onion rings. Rely on the yeast in beer to bake your next loaf of bread, a no fuss no muss recipe that’s especially great for beginners. You can also mix in beer with any cake batter but it goes especially well with chocolate cake. Put beer in your pancake batter substituting it for milk or simply as a socially acceptable way to start your way with beer.

11. Marinade for your barbecue meat

There is mounting research about the dangers associated with outdoor grilling. Marinating your meat in beer before putting it on the grill can reduce the potential of harmful hydrocarbons forming during the cooking process.


12. Conditioner

Women have been using beer as conditioners for years. The vitamin B and sugars in beer can add shine and volume to flat hair. After washing your hair, while it’s still wet, pour beer on it, saturating it. Wait several minutes then rinse the suds out thoroughly with cold water.

Alternatively, mix the beer with a little distilled water and your favourite scented oil and you have a rinse that will leave your dull, dry hair shiny and hydrated.


13. Sleep

Beer can help you sleep and no, not through getting blacked-out-passed-out drunk. Wash your pillowcase with water that has a splash of beer in it and let the scent soothe you to sleep.

14. Beer Bath

A bath in beer-soaked water is great for your skin. Mix your favourite beer with some olive oil-based soap when having a bubble bath and proceed as usual. The longer you soak, the softer and smoother your skin will feel afterwards.

Beer so, so versatile. Great for your hair, your skin, your furniture, cleaning out rust, eating, and drinking. What can’t beer do? Put your leftover beer to good use.

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