7 Things You Should Wash Your Hands Immediately After Touching

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The COVID-19 pandemic has made us more aware of where we’ve been, what we’ve touched, and how clean our environment is. The truth is, germs are everywhere and no matter how to clean something looks, it might be contaminated. It’s therefore, important that you take precautions to avoid spreading germs or getting sick. Washing your hands with antibacterial soap is one of the most basic measures you can take to protect yourself and those around you. Once you touch certain surfaces, you should make a habit of washing your hands immediately. Here are some of those surfaces.

  1. Restaurant Menus

It’s good hygiene to wash your hands before eating whether or not you’re touching your food with bare hands. This is especially important if you’re dining at a restaurant. Menus happen to carry a lot of germs. In fact, a study found that they contain about 185,000 microorganisms. Tables are another germ-infested surface. So you should never skip washing your hands when you go to a restaurant.

  1. Phone

This is another item that is notorious for being a germ hub. We’re constantly touching our phones and placing them on different surfaces which easily transfer germs onto them. Over time, our phones accumulate bacteria that can be potentially harmful to our health. To protect yourself, make sure you always wash your hands after touching your phone. Additionally, wipe the screen from time to time with anti-bacterial wipes. Technology: How To Take Care Of Your Phone

  1. Kitchen Sponge

Kitchen sponges usually come in contact with food particles and other messes that are prone to rotting.  If not cared for correctly, they can house millions of bacteria since their wet state creates a good environment for microorganisms. Once you clean your dishes or surfaces, ensure that you wash your sponge then wash your hands. You should also try to change your sponge as frequently as every week to maximize your safety. Every few days soak your sponge in a disinfectant mixture. 5 Ways You Can Use Vinegar To Clean Around The House

Black man washing hands. Image from http://www.ruralalabamaprevention.org/clean-hands-count-for-safe-healthcare/
  1. Hospital Surfaces/Equipment

We go to hospitals to get better but if you’re not keen you may end up sicker than you were when you got there. People walk in and out of hospitals with all sorts of illnesses and though hospitals are supposed to be super clean, there’s still a high chance that they’re riddled with bacteria. Therefore, you should avoid touching things around this place. You should also wash your hands immediately after exiting. Use sanitiser after touching surfaces in the hospital. Make sure you also wash your hands after using the lift or sanitize your hands.

  1. Door Handles

Door handles, whether in your home or commercial buildings, are touched constantly yet no one really thinks about how many germs they might have. These are some of the most common surfaces that transfer disease-causing bacteria. Studies found that the flu virus can last up to 48 hours on materials like stainless steel. So, remember to wash your hands every time you touch a door handle. Also make sure you clean your door handles at least once a week when cleaning the house.

  1. Keyboard

How many times do you clean your keyboard? Not that many times if we’re being honest. However, this is one of the dirtiest surfaces you touch on a daily basis. Research found that a keyboard has 3,925 germs while an office toilet seat has a mere 49 germs. So, you may need to start washing your hands every time you touch your keyboard.

  1. Money

Prior to the pandemic, most of us were unaware of just how filthy money can be. It’s easy to transfer viruses and other microorganisms through cash since they change hands rapidly. Additionally, they circulate for a while meaning that millions of people use the same notes over a span of several years. That’s a lot of germs that they accumulate which is why it’s important to wash your hands after touching money.

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