6 Benefits Of Having Good Emotional Intelligence

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Have you ever said or done something and immediately wished you could take it back? Emotions can be intense making us do or say things without thinking them through. On the other hand, some people choose to detach themselves from said emotions to avoid acting irrationally or getting their feelings hurt. Both these approaches are unhealthy causing more harm than good. This is why it’s necessary to have emotional intelligence in order to be able to cope with emotions more healthily. However, the benefits of having emotional intelligence go beyond making rational decisions. Here are some other benefits.

Develops Social Skills

We all know that one person who gets along with everyone. No, they don’t have any superpowers or cheat codes for socializing. What they have is emotional intelligence. People with high EQ find it easier to socialize with others than those who don’t. They can communicate clearly and courteously which makes them more approachable. Additionally, they’re able to form strong bonds since they don’t have their emotional guard up.

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Allows Better Team Work

Emotional intelligence is highly important at the workplace and could hold the key to your career advancement. It not only demonstrates that you can be a good leader but also help you work better as a team. When you’re in a group setting, you’re bound to have conflicting opinions and methods of doing things. This can lead to arguments if not dealt with in the right manner. The last thing you’d want for your career is to be known as the trouble maker.

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Avoids Negative Patterns

Many of us struggle to deal with our emotions and end up making the wrong choices every time. However, having a high EQ can help you find better ways to cope with unsavoury situations. It helps you develop the patience to avoid negative confrontation and detach yourself emotionally from the toxic environment. Additionally, people with high emotional intelligence learn from their past experiences and avoid repeating the same patterns. 7 Ways To Handle A Toxic Relationship

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Promotes Mental Wellbeing

Emotions influence our reactions to different situations. For instance, if we get bad news, we tend to feel sad. Being in this state for long can be detrimental to your mental wellbeing and lead to issues such as depression. People with high emotional intelligence are, however, able to decrease the intensity of such emotions so they don’t feel overwhelmed. When you’re not at the mercy of your emotions, you have better control of your thoughts. This makes you more responsive than reactive to them.

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Increases Empathy

Empathy is the core of our humanity. It helps us relate to others and show concern. However, empathy levels are on the decline. A 2010 study found that the younger generation is less empathetic and more narcissistic. This can be harmful since less empathic people tend to be more hostile and suspicious towards others. On the other hand, people with high EQ are more solution-oriented and set good examples for others.

  1. Inspires Motivation

Once in a while, we feel like we’ve hit a slump in life, careers, or relationships. This is perfectly normal but if you allow yourself to wallow in self-pity, you may lose motivation to continue working towards your goals. High emotional intelligence enables you to understand your emotions and has more control of your life. So, when you hit a roadblock, you can remain motivated. How To Motivate Yourself At Work

Here are tips on How To Develop Emotional Intelligence

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