How To Use Decor In Your Office


If you’re a business owner, there will come a time when your business has grown large enough that you need an office space for all your staff to work in. While you could just use a bland standard office space, why would you?

If you set aside some time and budget for decorating your office, you’ll find that your staff will be more engaged at work and new staff easier to attract as your decorated office will make your company stand out from every other lifeless white office that your competitors operate from.

Not only is a well-decorated good for attracting staff and keeping current staff happy, but research shows that having a vibrant designed office will make your employees more creative and productive, so spending a bit of money upfront for decorating costs will pay off in increased output from your team.

Add Colour To Office Essentials

Some things just have an ‘officey’ feel to them and when people see them, their mind switches to work mode as they associate them with working. As there is a mental link between these office mainstays and work, it’s important to keep them, but you can inject some colour into them.

Things like office chairs, desks, filing cabinets and metal venetian blinds can be found in most offices across the country, but rather than opting for ones with neutral or monochrome colours, you can find them in a variety of colours to add some life to your office, even better you can match the colour of these up to your company’s branding.

Bring In Your Branding

In business, there are few things more important than your company’s branding, your brand and your logo are what most people will associate with your business, so incorporating your branding into your office décor will help strengthen your brand amongst employees.

There are multiple ways you can achieve this, but as a starting point, having a colour scheme for your office in your brand colours is important, you should also look to incorporate your logo into your design, by getting printed wall stickers or a 3d model of your logo on a wall.

Make Your Mission Statement Visible

Next to your branding, your company’s mission statement is incredibly important, a good mission statement creates a purpose for you and your team and creates a mantra for your team to live by when they’re at work.

Having your mission statement out in your office will then keep employees following it, inspire potential employees and show clients what your business is about. You can go about this in a few ways, such as incorporating your mission statement into posters, wall prints or a mural.

Bring Nature Into Your Office

Multiple studies have shown that exposure to fresh flowers or office plants can increase productivity, improve people’s mood and create a relaxing environment. So you should take advantage of that and incorporate them into your office design.

By simply getting some fresh flowers every few weeks to place around the office, or buying some office plants will add a nice design flair to your office, allowing you to reap the rewards of exposure to nature and your staff will only be happier for it! Here are 6 Ways To Preserve Your Flowers

Tips on how to maximize on your office space

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