Can Essential Oils Help Grow Your Beard?

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I wish I had a thick, shiny, and dense beard like my friends. I wish I could adopt the same beard style that my boss has. I want to be a new beard trend follower but can’t do so because my patchy beard doesn’t meet the criteria to be the part. We don’t know which one of these scenarios has made you beg the question ‘Do essential oils help grow a beard?’. The only thing that matters to us is answering your question. For now, our answer is a ‘resounding Yes’, but you’ll agree to it just after going through this small but comprehensive piece.

Essential oils are highly concentrated and natural liquids that are extracted from herbs and plants. Scientific studies suggest that essential oils can be beneficial in numerous ways and improve our overall health and wellbeing. Essential oils contain a variety of organic chemical constituents that address various mental and physical issues in humans.

The main reason why some essential oils can be beneficial for beard growth is their chemical composition. Also, there are a lot of reasons why some men don’t see their beards grow properly – with issues such as genetics, skin conditions or bad diet habits.

Though you can’t change these facts, there are a lot of unknown factors that hinder your beard from heavy growth, and you have no control over them. We’ll be discussing some of the common issues related to beard growth and essential oils’ abilities to help you gain your full masculine charm. Moreover, to make a real, desirable impact on your beard, choosing a quality-oriented, pure yet economical essential oils brand is crucial. Low quality is equal to wastage of money! So, there we go.

Top Essential Oils to Help Grow Beard

Lavender Essential Oil

When it comes to beard hair care perks, Lavender essential oil would probably be the best option to go for. Many first-hand users of the oil opine that the oil helps stimulate beard growth and gain beard hair thickness. Also, some scientific studies have suggested that Lavender essential oil may help combat issues like alopecia or pattern baldness. A lot of men lack beard growth just because of beard dandruff, lower blood flow in the beard scalp, and other skin issues. Here, Lavender comes to the rescue. Linalool, a chemical component in Lavender essential oil, prevents fungi and bacteria from growing, therefore, helps your beard grow to its fullest. Lack of quality sleep is a leading cause of lower testosterone levels in men and low T-levels directly minimize beard hair growth. Lavender essential oil’s calming, fresh, and the floral scent helps you gain a quality, restful sleep and you’re more likely to improve T-levels.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Most of the commercially available beard oils have one thing in common – they show Peppermint essential oil on their ingredient list. The main reason for such similarity is that this essential oil helps grow a beard to its fullest. The oil’s chemical components help enhance blood circulation to the beard scalp and activate a growing hormone ‘IGF’ inside the follicles. The result is faster and denser growth and a prominent increase in the size of beard hair. Moreover, the oil’s minty, energizing, and fresh scent helps relieve stress, a mental issue considered to be among the top reasons for lack of beard growth. Remember that having quick, complete usage guidance about Peppermint essential oil is the only key to avail of its usefulness. Otherwise, the oil may not serve you the way it is believed to do.

Scotch Pine Essential Oil

The reason we included Scotch Pine or simply ‘Pine’ essential oil is one of its very powerful components, ‘B-Pinene’. This B-Pinene can reduce skin inflammation, especially skin underneath the beard. Pimples, itching, and rashes on the beard hair scalp can oftentimes lead to slower hair growth. Pine essential oil not only does help combat these issues but also helps make your skin smooth and soft. Additionally, the application of Pine essential oil on the beard will also help you stay relaxed due to its uplifting, energizing, and calming scent.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Did you know that a weak immune system also affects beard growth? The weaker the immunity, the slower the beard growth would be. The only reason why we add Rosemary essential oil to this list is that the oil helps boost immunity and regulates constant blood flow to the beard hair follicles, thus helps promote beard growth. Rosemary essential oil is also believed to be useful for preventing beard dandruff and premature greying. This oil also keeps your beard moisturized, preventing dandruff and patches, and prevents your beard from being thin or unhealthy.


Using essential oils/plant extracts for beard is proven to be beneficial for gaining density, thickness, strength, charm, and increasing the length of the beard. Of course, looking for natural solutions for all your beard-related issues is a good thing but choosing essential oils before anything natural available is better. Try it and you will find that essential oils will work for your beard hair.

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