To Thrive In The Career World In Kenya, You May Need To Make Searching For A New Job A Part Time Job

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I have a friend who graduated two years ago, in 2019 and between then and now, she has had about eight different jobs. Now, I know there is word out there that doing this makes your C.V look like it’s all over the place, and like you lack loyalty to your organisation. But, what’s the point of being loyal to a job that can’t, at the most basic level, pay your bills? My friend has moved jobs a countless number of times, and because of this, she has realized great opportunities, better pay, and better experience than she would if she stayed in the same place for all three years. Her big secret? To thrive in the career world in Kenya, you need to make job searching in itself a part-time job.

Sometime back, there was a debate on Twitter about this. Is it better to stay in the same organization for ten years and hope to get promotions to the top, or is it better to keep moving to new organizations in search of better benefits? Well, first we would need to understand what the term better means. Because if there’s anything life will teach you, it’s that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. You can leave for a job with better pay and better benefits, but you find that it’s a toxic work environment. You have to weigh your options and realize that in some instances, a bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

That aside, I am of the opinion that loyalty to your organization will not take you far. Unless that loyalty is reciprocated, which, in many instances, it is not, then it’s time you start to make job searching a part-time job. By this, I mean that every day, go through different sites, find jobs that suit you, and apply. When you find the right opportunities, move. Take the chance and go enhance your skills elsewhere. If your employer really values you, they will give you a counteroffer to stay when you notify them that you are planning on jumping ship.

Sitting around and waiting for promotions can take years. Learn to go for interviews. In the case that they don’t select you, you will have gained the experience of answering interview questions. This will help you grow and become better at it as the years go by. At the very least, that has got to count for something.

Passive job searching is great for many reasons. It means always being on the lookout for positions you might be interested in taking, even though you already have a job. For one, it puts you in a position of control because you have leverage. You’re able to negotiate for better pay and a better position than you have now. You can network and make new connections, and as we all know, connections can take you very far career-wise. Passive job searching teaches you about the new trends and best practices for your industry. In short, the benefits of making job searching a part-time job outweigh the cons.

Say goodbye to the bare minimum, it’s time for a new you. If you have read until this point, it means that at some point this article triggered your emotions. Whether you agree or disagree, the point is that you need to get as far away from your comfort zone as possible. Ran away from the fear that cripples you from chasing after new opportunities and you will realize that you are much greater than you ever imagined yourself to be.

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