The Top Streaming Apps For Ugandan, Kenyan And Nigerian Music

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When assessing the European market, music streaming apps are hugely popular and have resulted in most people ditching traditional methods of listening to music. However, in Africa, music streaming is a relatively new phenomenon.

In countries such as Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria, the options are improving on a regular basis, though. Major players have a stranglehold on the market at this moment in time and they’re upping the ante as appetite for the services they offer begins to grow. The fact remains, music streaming services are mightily impressive. Users can access a range of different tracks at the touch of a button and uncover new artists in the process. These types of apps can be housed on the sophisticated smartphone devices we all use to send text messages, watch movies and play popular slot games like 9 Masks of Fire too. As such, they’re quick to download, easy to grasp and provide convenient access to some of the biggest and best tracks around. Many of the streaming apps in Africa specifically focus on African content also.

Whether you want to provide some entertainment during your morning commute to work or you need some tunes for when you’re next in the gym, here is a selection of the top music streaming apps available at the moment. All of the apps featured are available on android and iOS unless stated otherwise.


A popular online streaming platform in Nigeria, Spinlet has been around since 2013, but it’s only in the last few years that the brand has really started to take off. Based in Lagos, the platform’s content is spread across South Africa also but is particularly popular in other countries such as Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria. The app offers easy sign-up access, it’s free to use unless you want a more detailed premium membership with ad-free listening, and it offers a range of excellent music from across the continent.

MTN Music+

 Offering African music which can be streamed anywhere in the world, MTN Music+ is a popular choice with many people. The app is excellent in terms of shareable features, with users having the ability to share their favourite tracks on social media. It also offers live radio, podcasts, and the ability to create playlists.


 A Kenya-based music sharing platform, Mdundo also operates in countries such as Tanzania, Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, Zimbabwe, and Zambia. Depending on your location, the service will recommend suitable tracks from a range of different music genres, such as Gospel, Dancehall, Taarab, Rhumba, AfroPop, Hip Hop and many others. A monthly plan costs $3 at the time of writing and provides a range of beneficial features.

BoomPlay Music

BoomPlay Music, formerly known as Boom Player, is one of the biggest music streaming apps on the continent. With 31 million users and 17 million active users at the time of writing, the platform is the go-to option for many people. Boasting a selection of African content and a range of other music from around the world, BoomPlay Music is a fantastic option. The app also offers affordable subscription plans, flexible payment options, and even works for offline play. After launching in Nigeria in 2015, BoomPlay Music has gone on to establish itself as one of the best music streaming apps around.


Mziiki, which means music in Swahili, provides African-centric tunes from Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria, as well from the foreign and non-African music scene. With thousands of users accessing the platform’s array of free music, Mziiki is a great app to download. It should particularly appeal to people who are keen to uncover African artists.

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